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Why a Squad? Simply because we said " Yea, I like this. Sign me up!" Seriously though, we all have been drawn in by some shared hobby or inspiration. We share  passions or curiosities that we trust can be fulfilled by one another. Our community is all about finding your happy place in life and encouraging others to do the same. We can accept each other and thrive in our own way without it hindering anyone around us. Some are drawn in by makeup and beauty, others for gaming and DIYs. There are some that like the entertainment and motivation in my blogs, and some will be drawn in by my unlikely personal interests (pets, goal, and experiences). I won't say there's something for everyone, but I can be certain that our clan is inspiring and passionate in each individual aspect and we are proof that we can all happily coexist.

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My Personal Hobbies

Pick a hobby from my magical hat! See all the things that inspire my blogs, and goals on my personal PinterestI like to dabble in quite a few things and my Pintrest is usually the first place any idea takes shape.

I love my interactive movies! Life gets busy but I always make time for my games. Check out what Games I love and let's share our favs and some recommendation. I'm always looking for a good game! You can add me on PSN, Live, Steam, Twitch, Caffine and Dlive @GlitrOfDoom. And of course, you can always keep in touch on my Twitter.

My Twitter is the glue that ties it all together! It's the best way to get a glimpse in my head at the moment.

Let's get personal! Check out my Youtube channel to see what's on my mind and check out my hobbies first hand. You'll also get to see my life in a nutshell.

My Instagram is a perfect for catching candid moments that may or may not be polished.

My Snapchat is where the madness roams free. I have no promises of what may or may not happen.  *Warnings and Disclaimers, Be Prepared For Anything*

 If you are all about self expression through appearance, this is for you! See what beauty favs I'm loving and stanning on Sephora and Temptalia.  

My Pinterest Fashion, Makeup, Mani Pedi, Self Care and Hair boards are a picture book of all the styles I live for and some great tips and tricks from across the web. Keep in mind that style is subjective and the only rule is that there are no true "rules".

You can also see what products I love, liked and ditched on Influenster and why. 
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