About Us

  The inspiration behind this website is focused on finding what really makes you happy and accepting yourself. I wanted something that realistically showcases the different phases and “odd” personality combos we as people tend to have. Through my experiences, I want to help people embrace who they are and branch out of their comfort zone, should they choose. I use my blog to promote genuine joy and happiness in ways that we actually experience them, not just in a "perfectly polished masterpiece".

  We will always have exceptions to whatever consistency standards we set for ourselves and that’s okay. I’m showing the in between and grey areas that get lost in translation. This is why I have inspirational blogs and rants, even good people have bad days. If we can focus more on what makes us happy and feed those habits, our good habits will carry and remind us to be happy on those days we don't naturally feel it.

  To embrace a change, you must go through a transition period, a metamorphosis of sorts. My goal is to build a community that encourages that transformation and supports each other in becoming confident in who you are and branching out into new territory if that's a goal, this goes deeper than fashion and beauty. You don't have to sacrifice one aspect of your life to "fit in". If you don't fit that mold, it's because it's not meant for you (the group, not the hobby). Sometimes a NO is to redirect us to a place where we can thrive as we are. The labels we tend to use can make us overlook and forget that even a "small" talent is still a talent. We’ve become so accustomed to comparison that we allow our own happiness to be overshadowed simply because we don’t feel like we did as much as the next person. 

   My blog is going to bring reality back to a virtual world. After everything I’ve been through, I realized that the only thing putting limitations on my life is my own self doubt and worrying what other people would think. With that in mind, I’m not standing in my own way anymore and I will encourage as many people as possible to recognize the same. Life happens to everyone. You can dread how bad things can get, or you can get excited for everything that can possibly go right. If you get into a cycle of thinking “what’s the point everything always goes wrong”, correct yourself and ask “what if even one thing goes right?”  

   There’s a difference between what you aspire in life and what is glorified. If your goal is to finally wear a 2-piece tankini, don’t be intimidated because barely there swimwear is in style. In the same respect, if your goal in life is to have a 9-5 office job, don’t feel less than because entrepreneurship is popular. It’s time to truly start being confident in what you want in life instead of being caught up in the hype of trending movements.

 As long as you don’t forget how valuable you are as a person, and that since you’re breathing you can change, life can only delay you, not stop you. I see my brand being unique in its ability to flourish as a community more so than just a business with a mission. Lanesha Leshae Blogs is going to redefine what blogs have to offer consumers. I am going to help people regain their confidence in life, one blog or video at a time.

▪︎Live Life▪︎Have Fun▪︎Shine Bright▪︎Stay Lifted▪︎