Special Announcements

Checking In

*Update 8/3*

If you feel like everything is working against you, please dont give up. Take as much time to take care of yourself, but please dont count yourself out. We all stumble, fall short, go through phases of doubt, moments of hopelessness, but the key is always remembering that nothing is constant. The only thing constant in this world is change. If things are great enjoy the fuck out of every moment. When things are shitty, remember the only way you stay stuck is by not moving towards something different. Don't shortchange yourself by becoming a prisoner of your...

Be Back Soon

Hey y'all, I ain't even gonna lie. I'm almost in tears writing this. It seems like I just figured out how to get everything running smooth and I'm fuckin up again. I've been so overwhelmed with things in my personal life that it's been a constant back and forth struggle. I guess this last bit of news was the straw that broke the camel's back. While a lot of the blog can be automated, there are certain things that I have to tend to on the regular. I know this is just another bump on the journey but I just...

Nothing Too Serious This Week

Feels good to be back! This week, the blog is getting a little affectionate, or at least hoping to be. The blogs this week will be about relationships, dating, and all the not so fun parts nobody likes to talk about. New posts will be made for the series Played, Let The Sparks Fly, and Hoe Culture. They will be a motivational and inspirational blog on friday to kick off the weekend on a high note.

No Blogs Until 6/29

There are a few updates that I need to make to the website so there will be no blogs for this week. The website will stay up while I'm making these changes. The tweaks will be updates to the color palette, but the overall layout will stay the same. I hope you guys like the updates once they're complete.

Back To Regular Blogs 6/8/2020

Starting Monday 6/8/2020, we'll be back on a full blog schedule. I had so much fun with the intro posts and content planning that I've decided to post 2 blogs on upload days. That's right, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday there will be 2 new blogs! I also want to do a weekly precap of what type of topics to expect for the coming week, so be on the lookout for that. I'll also use the special announcements to keep you updated on when new series entries are uploaded.