Special Announcements

Ok....So boom, check this out (Update - Blogs on 2/24, 23 is a Tuesday 🙃)

Long time no chat.... Seriously it's been a minute again and there are a few somewhat major changes that I decided to implement. If you haven't found out yet, I decided to permanently close Looks Hair & Apparel. More indepth blog on that is coming, so hold all questions until that blog. Since I axed the store, I will have a few first come first serve item listed in Lanesha's Closet in addition to any items I order for myself & decide not to keep. I'll also be putting up a few custom items in limited quantities. I'll probably create...

What To Expect This Week 11/2

This week it's all about us ladies. It's been a rough year emotionally, mentally and physically in some regard for all of us. Routines have been shattered and I know it's caused a lot of disruption for me. I'll be sharing some of the things I've discovered, and have always done, to raise my self confidence and just embrace my femininity. No matter if you're just starting, lost touch, or know you got it all time, anyone can incorporate these routines just to pamper and praise yourself. Take care ❤

What To Expect This Week October 19

Since it's close to Halloween and I haven't shown my favorite holiday it's due respect, the blogs for the rest of the month will be on the creepy side. I have some places I like to get my scary fixes from that I'm going to share. Plus, some of my interests and hobbies that may be creepy to some. Who knows what might make the cut. Nothing to overbearing but definitely expect a little unease.

What To Expect This Week

October got here fast! And so did this cold air! The new norm of the world is no norm, but that’s okay. If you can learn to manage yourself during change, you are 2 steps ahead of the crowd. This week is gonna be centered around keeping your feet on the ground. It’s easy to get caught up in the world, the best way to combat that is to focus on yourself ironically. Do more that uplifts you. Stop focusing on what is out of your control and utilize what is, your time. Expect the blogs this week...

Long Time No Chat, Back October 2nd

Hey y'all, it's been a while since I posted and I just wanted to let you know that the blog is not over. I was dealing with a shitload in my personal life and needed a mental break. I caught myself falling back into my pattern of not being ok, but feeling obligated to just "work" my way through without actually addressing my issues and taking care of myself. I feel like it's important to be transparent for anyone else who finds themselves in similar situations. Sometimes it is as simple as directing your attention elsewhere. Other times it crucial...