Ok....So boom, check this out (Update - Blogs on 2/24, 23 is a Tuesday 🙃)

Long time no chat.... Seriously it's been a minute again and there are a few somewhat major changes that I decided to implement. If you haven't found out yet, I decided to permanently close Looks Hair & Apparel. More indepth blog on that is coming, so hold all questions until that blog. Since I axed the store, I will have a few first come first serve item listed in Lanesha's Closet in addition to any items I order for myself & decide not to keep. I'll also be putting up a few custom items in limited quantities. I'll probably create a new collection for those items, but right now it's still tbd. Regular blogs will be back Feb 23 on M,W,F at 6pm like the good ol' days. I got some stories to tell. See ya then!

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