Be Back Soon

Hey y'all, I ain't even gonna lie. I'm almost in tears writing this. It seems like I just figured out how to get everything running smooth and I'm fuckin up again. I've been so overwhelmed with things in my personal life that it's been a constant back and forth struggle. I guess this last bit of news was the straw that broke the camel's back. While a lot of the blog can be automated, there are certain things that I have to tend to on the regular. I know this is just another bump on the journey but I just need a pause. If I feel something need to be posted, then it will go up at random. I'm sure a day is more than enough time to regroup, but I don't want to break anymore promises to you guys. This is the part of the journey that no one sees or talks about. I know everything will work out in the end though. The greater the battle, the sweeter the reward. See you guys soon.

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