Checking In

*Update 8/3*

If you feel like everything is working against you, please dont give up. Take as much time to take care of yourself, but please dont count yourself out. We all stumble, fall short, go through phases of doubt, moments of hopelessness, but the key is always remembering that nothing is constant. The only thing constant in this world is change. If things are great enjoy the fuck out of every moment. When things are shitty, remember the only way you stay stuck is by not moving towards something different. Don't shortchange yourself by becoming a prisoner of your own mind. You always have the ability to create change in your life. Who gives a fuck about what you did years ago, hell last night even. Own up to it and know that you got places you want to be, so you're moving towards it. Let people talk. If the goal is to gossip about you, they're definitely not making a plan for themselves. You can only focus on 1 thought at a time and sharing an opinion about a something in the past, that cant be changed is not conductive to anything happening in the present. No matter how broken, lost, ashamed, or defeated you feel, please just have faith that you can make it through. As long as you believe you are worthy of reaching your goals, it will always be possible. No matter how you feel or what others think of you, your value never diminishes. Always remember thing can get better if you allow yourself to deserve better. Don't give up. Don't sell yourself short out of fear. Have faith that as long as you move forward, even falling forward, you will see better days.

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