You're Not Wasting Money, You're Investing In Your Happiness

   I don't know about y'all, but sometimes, a lot of times, I talk myself out of splurging on myself. It may because I don't have a lot of extra money and I don't want to "waste" it on something I don't need. Other times, I feel something is too expensive for my budget, even though I don't have anything else to pay. Yea, you should be responsible with your spending, but you also shouldn't keep shorting yourself. Most of us end up spending that same money in lesser intervals on other stuff we don't necessarily need anyway. Why not just go for something that you actually want? See it as investing in your happiness. 

   There are only a few things that I’ll buy at the drop of a hat, no debate in mind, funds providing. Video games and makeup being the two most expensive. For the non makeup wears, yes you can get makeup from the dollar store and there are multiple price tiers. However, most quality makeup products will run you $20 - $40 a piece, that’s up to 11 products for a full face like you see on instagram… $200 easy if bought all at once, not including things you buy multiples of like lipstick and eyeshadow. For my non gamers, most PS4 games start at $60. That doesn’t include anything extra that makes the game more fun, any additional chapters, or being able to play with friends, those are extra. Think of it as paying for Netflix, and being able to watch the first season of your favorite show, then you have to start paying for each individual episode. Or, you could pay an extra $40 so you can get the whole series.

   Now that we’re all on the same page, let me tell you why I NEVER regret buying either. Your (not)guilty splurge may very well differ from mines, insert whatever you see fit. When I do a good full face of makeup, nothing can rain on my parade. I don’t care if I do my makeup and sit in the house and do laundry all day, nobody can tell me shit. It’s something that I can do that makes me feel so confident in myself, that I don’t dread about the money I spent. Instead, I have such a clear, happy mind, that I can be content that I did something for myself that I wanted to do. The same goes for video games. It’s a break from whatever I have going on to just be happy in the moment. Yea, I may get pissed from time to time if I get stuck on a level, but game rage is nothing in comparison to real life stress. I know, without fail, either of those things will pull me out of the worst of moods and help me be more optimistic.

   Now I know some people don’t even have the funds available to spare $10, but a lot of us say we don’t have extra money when we really do. If you check your spending habits, I can almost guarantee at least $30 have been spent on impulse. (Don’t feel bad mines was waaay worse) The cracks my money was slipping through were a few bucks here and there for pens and nicknacks from the store because I saw it and thought it was “cute“ in the checkout line, literally. Buying household stuff that I knew I would never use, but convinced myself I would. My biggest pothole though, eating out. It’s not so bad to eat out, but I was notorious for getting more food than I could eat and throwing it away. I was putting what I knew I really wanted, just to wonder where the money went anyway. 

   That’s why now if I’m gonna be guilty for spending my money, I wanna have something that justifies it. No, money can’t buy true happiness, but it can help you have a damn good time when stuff around you (people & work) are stressing you tf out. Of course, be responsible in your spending. Don’t go out and blow bill money or nothing like that, but if you got a few extra bucks, don’t feel bad for doing something for yourself. I’m just saying, as an adult, we take care of everything without even giving ourselves a pat on the back because it’s expected. It’s okay to separate the thing you spend money on for survival from what brings you pleasure. When I’m in a good mood, it helps me be more ambitious about being more successful. Give it a try. Sit with yourself for a few minutes and figure out what you can do for yourself from a place of pure recreation. It's easier to justify missing money when you have something to show for that you actually love.

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