Why This Relaunch Took So Long

   By now, I hope you’ve had time to get familiar with the new website. I feel like it’s not as crowded as before and it flows better. The fact that I split the blog and the store played a huge role in the long hiatus this time. Rebuilding this site wasn’t too bad, the hangups came with the new domain and incorporating the new direct of the blog. I needed to set it up so with the future in mind. I didn’t want to hit another ceiling with overcrowding. I know it looks empty now, but once we get re-established things will fill in perfectly. I’ve got so much content scheduled and pages more in planning.

   I needed this new site to be able to sustain the blog for years to come. This isn’t a short term thing just to have something to do. This is a passion project for me, and I realized that I wasn’t allowing myself to fully engage my interests and ideas. I will admit I was being safe last time with “Lanesha’s World”. It was a way for me to talk about things that I didn’t believe would be as popular. This time, if I had more than 5 blogs planned under the topic, it got its own category, Hence the longer list. I’m not as concerned about how well my blog fits into a certain genre as before. I know that the audience that’s right for me will find my blog, plus by having more structured categories, I’m making it easier for people to find the things they want to see and avoid the things they don’t.

   Another thing that took a while was figuring out was how I could get more supplemental content on the website. I love writing, but I do get ideas for audio, video and pictures. This new layout supports video and photo better than the previous. I’m still doing Youtube, but I wanted to get emphasis across in as many ways possible on each respective blog. Everything is becoming more true to vision since I’ve decided to drop the safety filter. There has been a lot of behind the scenes work that will ensure that everything runs smoothly going forward. No more shutdowns, an abundance and variety of content, and FULL focus on blog. I’ve still got some work to do before everything is to par, but for now all systems are definitely go. Thanks again for riding out these storms with me, I hope everything is received with the heart and love I put into it.

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