Why Is Sex Appeal Praised & Demonized At The Same Time?

  As always with touchy subjects, take it as it resonates. If you agree, cool, if not, I'm not knockin' you, by all means do you. However, I feel like we need some clarity about why people go so hard about women's sex appeal. I do agree that there's a time and place for everything, at the same time why are some people given a free pass while others are nailed to a cross? I want sexy so I can brag, but I don't want nobody else lookin' at you. Yo, I don't get some people, but I'm bout to jump right into what I noticed and y'all can tell me how you feel at the end.

  Can we all agree that we all want someone who we consider attractive? Good, now I'm wondering why some people expect to get this person, lured in by their sex appeal, then expect them to live the rest of they life in a potato sack. Ok, I get that when you get dressed as a person in a relationship, you should be considerate of your partner, but we need to draw the line between being disrespectful and a person being insecure. Everyone is going to have a different comfort level. Some people don't mind a low cut top or some cheeky bottoms, others don't want you wearing anything you wouldn't wear to church. When you meet someone, getting to know each other, whatever, you need to be paying attention to how they dress and act.

  However a person is when you meet them, probably how they'll dress every time you see them. If it's flashy, you met a flashy person. If it's barely there, you meet someone comfortable with they body. You honestly can't get mad if you meet someone in a see thru top and they have a lot of revealing clothes. If you knew you weren't down for that, you should have stayed in your comfort zone and let them be. The same goes for people who meet someone in sweats and J's then get mad because they don't like formals, you saw what you signed up for. In these cases, it's obvious people not asking the right questions in the beginning, but I ain't done yet...

   This is my favorite scenario to question. Y'all make it through the talkin' phase, Happy in a committed relationship, not out and about as much as you used, but you like to get cute for special occasions. If you goin' out with your significant other and wear a sheer dress it's all good. They happy to show you off like a trophy. Now, say you goin' out with ya homegirls for a birthday or just a good ol' girl's night. You wanna wear somethin’ almost identical to what you had on with them, but now it's not ok. Why is it that all of a sudden you can't be trusted? People really act like people don't try to holla when one of you walk off to go to the bathroom. If someone gone cheat, they gone cheat. Don't matter if you dressed like a vixen or a church girl. When you with your person, you get all the praise, but when you out solo it's disrespectful, HOW??? To me, that insecurity. If you only wanna see an outfit when you can chaperone, you need to reevaluate what control and trust are. Yes, you are being overly controlling because you can't trust them to do the right thing when you aren't around. I'm still not done...

  This is the straw that breaks the camel's back. Why.... why.... WHY do people insist on dating someone who works in a sexual field, a dancer, premium snaps, IG models etc.,  then get mad, BIG mad, when they refuse to stop what they doin' for them. Look, you see with your own two eyes what's goin' down, how dare you try to play the victim! This is money, a source of income we talkin' bout. I'm not the one to say depend on a man or pay before you play, BUT if you expect me to give up the job I had BEFORE you to cover your insecurities, you got me fucked up! You gone have to come outta pocket with what I'm losing minimum. And honestly, that goes for any source of income someone asks you to walk away from. What sense does that make? "I don't like the way your job makes me feel so you should quit, even though I knew that was your job before I met you..." Really tho? Man, y'all betta stay out the kitchen if you ain't ready for the heat. You can't jump off a cliff then get mad when you hit the ground, it doesn't work like that. I can understand not wanting to watch them with another person, but to expect they life to stop just because they met you is harsh. Again, if you pickin' up the slack, do you, unfortunately it's too many cases where people offer nothing in return.

  It's so much that I left out because I didn't want this to be too long. I already got a part 2 lined up tho, so stay tuned for that. How much of a sacrifice would you be willing to make to please your significant other? If you have changed, how drastic was it and was it immediate or over time? Let me know in the comments below where you draw the line and be on the lookout for part 2 of this discussion.

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