Why Can't Money Buy Happiness?

   We all know the saying "money doesn't buy happiness", why not? I mean, I've stressed a lot about not having enough money for something, but I've never stressed about having some extra cash. Less stress seems like a happier lifestyle to me. When I see something I want or want to do, and have to tell myself "I wish I could afford that" or "damn, I wish I had some money", that shit does not feel good at all! On the flip side, I've never splurged on something I wanted and felt inadequate. Disappointed in the experience or product maybe, but not bad about myself. Again, the money route seems happier to me. It's a pretty strong case for the money team, but it's still not the true winner. Even though the phrase seems like a coping mechanism for the less fortunate, that may not be true.

   We all know that anything that happens to a low income person can happen to a high income person. Even though money troubles are less likely for the latter, everything else is kinda the same. There are still divorces, unexpected injuries and losses, suicides, there are some things that money can't prevent completely. Money is a very useful tool, but it's not the end all be all. The saying comes into play once you make that realization. Any tool can be utilized for good and bad intentions, and that's what a lot of people forget. If you were a shitty person before you got money, you'll be a shittier person once you're rich. The same way if you were already a giving person, you'll be even more giving once you're rich. I'm not saying people don't change, I'm saying tools don't define a personality, they enhance it. A gun can kill hundreds in vain or protect hundreds, it depends on the person using it. Money is no different.

   With everything being said, how is it that money still isn't the route to happiness? The answer is different for everyone. Over the years, I came to the understanding that it has to do with what you want and why. Do you want a 2 million dollar house because it will make you popular and make you seem more attractive or do you want a 2 million dollar house because you worked your ass off for it and that's what you want. The happiness the phrase is speaking of is not based on the outside circumstances objects create, it's about you being content and rooted in yourself in all situations. If you're depending on that house to keep you feeling popular and attractive, guess what leaves when the attention towards the house leaves…. that crutch to make you happy. Now it's a 2 million dollar liability and you still feel inadequate. Or, you decide you really don't like the house, but you're stuck because you feel like you need this house.

   When you go after something because it's what you want, even the let downs aren't true let downs. Yea, you worked your ass off for this house, but you know the value lies in yourself, not the house. It's a major milestone by all means, but instead of you losing your self worth when you leave, you gain encouragement from the achievement. You may be leaving a 2 million dollar house for a $350,000 house (I live in FL, so that's still a nice house), but you came, you conquered, and you're truly happy now. No matter what anyone says, you're confident in what's best for you. I know I'm using houses for example, but the same concept scales all the way down to having nothing of tax value. 

   When you feel whole in yourself and have faith in your capabilities, you learn you don't need certain things to get to the next step. Yes, cars, money, etc will make the process easier, but you will know that you can get to your goals off the strength of your determination alone. When people say they got it out the mud, that's starting with nothing and betting everything on yourself, your ambition. That's how one person who has the base tools never starts but someone who started with nothing peaks. Working for free is something nobody is willing to do, unless what they're doing makes them happy. People who love what they do wouldn't just walk away voluntarily to do something else. There are a lot of people who are making good money, and feel stuck because they hate their situation. 

  My final answer, yes, money makes life easier, as do most tools. No, money can't buy happiness. If you aren't content in yourself, you'll always need something to keep you fulfilled. I'm not saying one path is better than the other, only you can decide that for yourself. For me it's like a video game I'mtrying to beat. Having nothing and working your way up makes the successes a little sweeter. When you have everything from the beginning, it's still fun but it can get repetitive fast. Eventually when you do everything, have everything, it gets kinda pointless. But when I play a game that I actually like vs one I'm just trying to beat, I don't mind replaying it because it makes me happy. Let me know your opinion in the comments down below and take some time to figure out some of the things that make you happy. We can all use a little more happiness in our day.

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