Who Said Coloring Books Are For Kids?

     I love to draw, a far cry from an artist, but I will stlll doodle my heart out when I'm bored or frustrated. Since there are some places where you can't have your phone, I have no problem picking up a coloring book to pass the time. I think it was a year or so ago that I came across these unique finds on Amazon. I had been looking for more books similar to Unfu*k Yourself by Gary John Bishop when I came across these gems. 
     Now, off jump, I was confused and intrigued. I'm familiar with traditional adult coloring books, but I never thought I'd see a coloring book with "Make Life Your Bitch" on the cover. I was immediately sold and did more digging to see what else the author, John T, had to offer. I found that each book has a stress relieving, humorous, motivational undertone but they do have distinct themes. I'm sure we have all been frustrated with some of these topics at some point in time. The thing that I love about these coloring books is the way they translate on paper. John does an amazing job capturing emotions in the page designs and tones of each book. Make Life Your Bitch is bold. I could tell by the cover this was going to be a curse like a sailor, in your face, yep I said it, head in the game book and it didn't disappoint. There is a whole line available for purchase at John T's website http://swearwordcoloringbook.com/ , and he even makes FREE coloring pages available for download! Be sure to head over and join his mailing list for upcoming books and free page updates. You can also find his coloring books on amazon. 

     Another great adult coloring book I found while digging is Don't Give Up by Cherina Kohey. This book offers a more subtle approach to destressing and motivating, language free. These have a very similar vibe to the Swear Word Coloring Book series, motivational quotes embedded in the page design. It's a great alternative for  places that the previous may be inappropriate and since the pages are word friendly, framing them as decor is a great option in more strict locations. Cherina offers a great diversity of coloring books for motivation, nature, holidays, and children too. You can pick up your favorite on amazon in Charina Kohey's store. https://www.amazon.com/Cherina-Kohey/e/B014US50O8

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