Where's Your Faith?

   With the technology age came a wave informational freedom that had previously been easily controlled and manipulated. Things that people once felt would never be explained or answered, are being "theoretically" solved by groups in opposing corners of the world. With that overflow of knowledge came rebellions and variations on topics that were once forbidden. I'm not here to tell you what's right & wrong, or to tell you how to live your life, I'm just sharing something I noticed that traverses religion, race, sex, and location. 

   They way of most of the world was at some point, was this entity or deity is what dictates your fortune in life. By appeasing whoever, light or dark, you'll have the life you desire. That seemed to be the case in the past. Since all people had to go on was hearsay, (meaning an elder or what was immediately available) there was no way to verify or even question the way of the world. The best chance you had at clarity was a book, if you could find a store that would actually carry it. Fast forward to the present, a reason for people branching out is found inconsistencies. In trying to understand their religion better, some have been pushed away because they aren't sure what to believe.

  I feel most people fit into 3 main categories. The terms I'm using are not definitions, I just find it easier to understand said this way, I hope it works for you too. Religious, this is the most traditional type of soul guidance. Very heavily based set principles and familiarity with written text and schedules. Spiritual, a more modern take on soul searching previously reserved for a select few. Very philosophical in knowing there's a larger scale of some sort, yet not relying fully on prior knowledge. More of a blended conscious and mystic. Atheist, no belief in higher powers. All of these categories encompass "good" and "bad". Every category has it's positive and negative aspects, I'm considering all options.

  Let's start with religion. People who lead their lives under some dedicated religious label set faith in their leader. No matter if it's non secular or secular, it's believed that if you commit to the guideline and practices with faith, you have no worries. Unfortunately, bad things do happen to good people. In the same light, how is it that bad people live to a ripe old age or never get caught. Even though everything isn't black and white, there are exceptional instances where people have made it through situations that defy natural law. From accidents, turning lives around, miracles, you name it, there are people around the world that have no explanation for how they ended up where they are.

  Spirituality is a little trickier to pinpoint because there's really no set criteria. Whether scapegoated or seeking greater fulfillment, people who rely on non constricted guidance choose to forge their own path back to the divine. It's not uncommon for them to appreciate multiple backgrounds that overlap with their understanding of things. This means they may be more tolerant to the idea that there's more than 1 right path to soul fulfilment. There are religions that specifically state that no others should be tolerated. Yet, there are non conformed spiritual people who are very successful and have experienced their own form of miracles. How is it that Law Of Attraction works for some but not all? Some people go on this journey and end up hopelessly lost and spend the rest of their lives in turmoil. Even those who possess psychic gifts, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, have had both pleasant and unpleasant lives. 

   Atheists are probably the most unfairly judged of the 3 with the psychic subcategory being a close second. While atheists may not believe that we live under a spiritual creator per say, that doesn't mean they don't have morals. The same goes for the psychic group. The misconception that people are bad because you don't understand them, but are too afraid to ask needs to be put to rest. There are atheists in the world that are just as caring and giving in the world as  a person of any other religion. Just as there are people with psychic abilities that have helped guide as many people as religious prophets. There is a dark side to the spectrum but they aren't it. Yes, there are atheists and psychics that are manipulative and self bidding. They give the whole group a bad name. However, there are people practicing religions that are just as manipulative and fulfilling themselves under the guise of religion.

   The thing that I feel is the determining factor in what you experience in life is faith. By now you should know when I use the word isn't tied to any structure except belief. People who have overcome from a religious view always express their authentic belief that they were covered, they had faith that their leader would bring them through. With Law Of Attraction, belief is a key component. You have to have faith that what you desire is possible.  On a spiritual level, when you take that first step off the written path, it's because you believe there is greater fulfillment out there. You don't know what you're looking for, but you have faith that you'll find it. Even for atheists, when they decided to change something in their lives, they had a belief that they could. They had faith that they had the potential to reach their goals. 

   True unwavering faith in SOMETHING is the key. Whatever you believe in is what yields your results. Again that's for good and bad. If you're conflicted, you're creating stagnicity. If you're more focused on failing then succeeding, you're drawing in that failure. When you get the momentum and become certain that a higher power, what you want, even you, are capable of creating the outcome you want, then and only then, will you start to see the results. There are examples from all backgrounds, good and bad, that are proof that once you have true faith, you can create anything. Even if it's not in your lifetime, faith creates the waves that produce results. Start off by having a little more faith in yourself and the rest will fall into place, regardless of your stance. When you learn to trust yourself to be in the right place and do what's right for you, you'll find where you belong.

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