We Were Unworthy...

   We are on the horizon of a lot of great things in the gaming world. Next gen consoles, a new GTA, sequels, remasters and games we've been waiting on for years are finally being released! Now is the time to get into gaming if you aren't already. I do have 1 additional wish though…. Sony, when you're done with the PS5 launch, can we please get a new PSP. Last year the PS Vita started getting officially phased out with NO signs of a successor. To make my plea more heartfelt, let me start from the beginning.

  The world wasn't ready for the PSP. Hell, they weren't even ready for the PS3. The original 60 gig wasn't without fault, but it was beyond perfect for the time…..I'm getting off topic. The PSP was like giving a Florida tourist an umbrella in the morning during the summer. Some of us got it. We saw the future. Unfortunately most didn't until the rain started. The PSP and PS3 dynamic was a game changer! Cross play games, transferable downloads, movies, music, internet, all in 2005! The Go kinda put a wrench in things, but the Vita was a nice upgrade. The Vita showed that there's still a place in the market for a Playstation handheld companion. 

   Sony, we don't have the 5 yet, but I already know that you got an ace in your back pocket. Once that launch is done, you have all the time in the world to cook up another portable. You paved the way for the Wii U and Switch! I know you guys can use your sorcery to give us the ultimate PS5 mini. Do what you wish, just please ease up on the memory card dynamic. That was the only, well most notable, flaw about the Vita. The memory cards were half the price of the console, at least a decent size to hold a nice variety. Please drop the exclusive sticks this time. You can even have a specific line of adapters and micro SDs that are specifically branded and coded. I don't mind spending an extra $15 for any given size but triple the price, it's a no for me. I'll happily spend that same money on available subscriptions and games.

    Another thing I would love to see in the new companion, backwards compatibility for digital copies of prior playstation games. Psp, Psv, Ps1, Ps2, Ps3, I can sacrifice Ps4 games for the sake of Ps5 sales. Oh, and full game streaming capability. You should call it the Phoenix, a revival of the original glory of the PSP.  The Playstation Phoenix, PSP of 2023? Y'all don't understand how fast I'm dropping cash when you release this system. I'm here for it. I’ll spend $300 on it, if the features are on point, I might be willing to spend $350. Most phones are at least $500 a pop and they come out with a new one every year, so don't listen to people who complain about the price. If they don't realize by now that your systems last, they're unworthy.

    Everything I've bought  lasted at least 7 years.I had the Ps1 1997-2006, my Ps2 1999-2009, my Ps3 just stopped working last year, and of course my Ps4 is still going strong, my PSP too. Sony…. We're pleading…. You are bestowing the blessedly awaited Playstation 5, please give us a mini me too, soon. On a side note, take another crack at the Xperian phone too. You figure out a way to go neck and neck with my Samsung S Series and you may have stolen a loyal customer. I'll always have a Playstation because of the games, services and add-ons. All issues aside, I like my Playstation items. Don't throw the towel in, please give it one more go. Sincerely a PSP, PSV mourner.

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