Walking Away Isn't Easy...

   Sometimes you just have to know when to say when. We never invest our time and energy for vain. There’s something that we have in mind that will be fruitful in the future. Even if this is just a bridge to something better, there is a plan with expectations. Not recognizing or being afraid to let go when something is no longer serving you is one of the most crucial mistakes you can make. Not only will it continue to take from you with no return, it’s taking up space and creating a blockage to the very things you are waiting for. Leaving things that you invested in is hard. It takes a lot of contemplation, and realization. Is it really what you want, do you still want to put in the work, is there a better way to get there? Sometimes, it’s necessary to walk on your faith to receive what you asked for. First you have to learn to recognize when you are not allowing yourself to take the next step. Understand when you are keeping yourself chained to something that is no longer meant for you.

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