Wake And Bake (Not Really)

   Extreme makeup has become a staple in the beauty world. Everyday single day, foundation, powder, blush, lashes, highlight, the whole 9 yards. If you're not a pro, you're looking at about 1- 2 hours a day on your face, assuming you don't mess up. I know I've clocked myself at an hour and a half, not including lashes. I love looking beat by the gods but... I ain't got time for that everyday. Then, some days when I get home, it's a strain to spend another 30-45 mins making sure I get it all off. Thus, a little hack was born that works wonders for me in literally 10 minutes. You can use whatever products you have on hand, but I will name the products that I personally use.

   Everything starts with clean skin, not clear, but clean. The better your habits of keeping your skin clean, the clearer it will become in most cases. I'm pretty simple when it comes to my skin care, I use the Neutrogena Clean And Clear Cleanser, I've used the original and grapefruit with no differences so it's really preference. I'll spend about 5 minutes washing and rinsing my face, then I blot my face so it's damp but not soaked. 

   Now, on to moisturizer! My absolute favorite right now is the Too Faced Hangover RX Moisturizing Primer. I LOVE this stuff. I'll use 3-4 pumps on my face and neck, especially around my eyes and nose since I have dry skin.  I'll give it a minute or 2 to soak in then I grab my Fenty Primer and do the same with 1-2 pumps. I noticed for me the Too Faced helps to brighten and tighten my skin (eye bags too!) and the Fenty tends to smooth out my texture and help to lock in the moisturizer. Nothing will give you a complete flawless look like foundation,  but this combo definitely gives my skin a natural glow even with scarring and occasional breakouts.

   Finally the Icing on the cake, figuratively and literally. A good mascara is a must in my book. When you add some pop to your eyelashes, it wakes up your whole face. I've been using the Beauty Bakerie Icing Waterproof Mascara for over a year now. It's perfect for curly lashes! The formula builds on your natural lashes without clumps so it really looks like you were blessed with perfect lashes. I do one coat, wait a minute or two for it to dry and go in with a second layer for lashes to die for. If I want a really bold or poppy look, I'll use the Too Face Waterproof Better Than Sex as a second layer instead. If you want a more voluptuous look, I'd suggest using the Better Than Sex Mascara instead of the Beauty Bakerie.

  There it is, a simple 10 minute way to give yourself a little pick me up when you aren't really up for a full beat. It's also a great way to give your skin a break from foundation if you feel you need it. Of course, add a few steps where you see fit to get your perfect express look. Happy beauty hacking!


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