Turn It Around

   Rock bottom isn’t fun, but it can put you in the best position of your life. How many times have you changed your mind about something midway through? Did you drop everything and embark on your new chosen path or did you finish what you had started? Most of the choices we make don’t include only us. I know I have a tendency to think of others before myself. There have been many times I knew something wasn’t for me, but I stuck it out because I didn’t want to let other people down. I didn’t want to explain myself to family and friends, I worried about how my coworkers I liked would fare without me, and I was hesitant to walk aways from all the time I’d dedicated to said thing. Honestly, when we decide to do something, we feel like it’s the best choice initially, but we don’t actually know until we’ve actually had a chance to get a feel for it. 

   Now back to the original statement, having nothing to lose can be one of the best situations to be in, from a growth perspective. You don’t have any ties, there’s no baggage to transition or resolve. You have a blank check to fill in however you choose, it doesn’t matter how you got there. Whatever it was that you were hesitant to start for fear of loss or failure, you can charge in full force because you have nothing to lose. I understand that we have to survive, and I’m not devaluing that, what I’m saying is when you have nothing, everything is a step up, why not take a step in the direction you want to go in. Having nothing humbles you to a point that you see opportunities that you were blind to before. You are more open to doing things with what you have versus what you want, you really don’t have a choice. You’ll find yourself learning just how resourceful you can be when you don’t have anything to hide behind. 

   More important, hitting rock bottom, losing everything, gives you a drive that nothing else can teach you. You come back so focused and motivated that you take nothing for granted. Nothing is too much work, you have a plan with sights on the goal and that’s all that matters. Where you would feel bad about telling people no before, you have no regrets, because you know that you have to help yourself first. The rebound from hitting rock bottom shifts your perspective from “standing out in the crowd” to “I’m good, what crowd?” Initially, while you’re still broken, trying to gather what’s left, waiting for the dust to settle, you won’t be able to see the grand scheme of things. Take that time to heal. No matter how much you try, you won’t be able to build on a faulty foundation. 

   When things turn south, don’t put a bandaid on it. Take the time to reflect on what happened. Decided if you could have done things differently or if it was out of your control. Find the lesson that you can take away from the situation and LET IT GO! You can’t act accordingly in fear. The more knowledgeable you are, the more stable your reactions will be. Mourn, be angry, be disappointed, release everything that you’re feeling so you can clear your vision. Once you get everything out your system, that’s when that spark reignites. You’ll find yourself, you’ll remember your passions, your goals, you find the reasons why you even care. How we come out of the situations we experience are truly how we choose to perceive them. Every situation presents a crossroad to choose light or darkness in healing. What will you choose?

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