Those Who Fail To Plan Suck At Planning

I know that's not how the saying goes, so I modified it to suit my needs. I've never been a true planner. Yea, I'll make a loose list of what I want to do, but not structured enough to be a constricting course of action. If I have a goal in mind, I'll usually list what is mandatory and fill in the blanks as I get to them. Moreso, I know what I need to do so I'll get it done mentality. Here's where the sucking at planning comes in. When I take the time out to make a traditional plan of action, I almost never stick to it. Take an hour based schedule for example, I'll get everything done before a set time, just never the way I plan no matter how hard I try. So, I usually don't make micro structured plans. I suck at planning so I don't do it.  Hell, this blog is proof that the most perfect planning can fall through. Don't be so hard on yourself if detailed planning isn't your thing. Most of my "plans" are scribbled across 4 different places collectively. As long as you know where to find what you need and get what you have to do done, all is well.

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