Things No One Tells You About Mascara

   Today I wanna talk about one of my favorite makeup items, mascara! It’s the one thing I rarely leave the house without, and I swear by. A good mascara is a must for anyone who doesn’t wear falsies on the regular. But, just like with any makeup product, there are a lot of things no one talks about. Here are a few things that I learned on my journey to falling in love with mascara.

  • All mascaras have different levels of water resistance

   While it’s commonly known that mascaras will run when they get wet, some formulas are more prone to running than others. I’ve owned many waterproof and regular mascaras over the years. I’ve been shocked to see some regular mascaras wear better throughout the day than waterproof formulas. Even when it comes to how they run, some formulas crumble and flake when wet,  while others may completely liquify from a single water drop. I’ve even had some mascaras get gummy just because of the humidity outside without it actually raining.

  • Waterproof DOESN”T mean smudgeproof

   I could just be naive, but when I hear waterproof, it means water will not affect it in any way. That isn’t always true for mascara. So far, I’ve found 1 formula that holds up to my true vision of waterproof. All the rest will move when wet if you touch them. I will agree that they are waterproof to the effect of moisture alone not being able to break them down, so crying won't be enough to cause issues. Now, if you blot or wipe the wrong way while trying to dry around your eyes, you can easily get smudges. I’ve even had lashes clump while trying to boot my top lashes. Definitely go waterproof if you think you’ll need it, just be extra careful getting any moisture from around your eyes.

  • All formula won’t work for everyone

   This seems like a no brainer, but it really boils down to what type of mascara you try to use and the condition of your natural lashes. If you have really sparse lashes, there’s only so much a volumizing mascara will do. In the same regards, your natural lash length plays a major role on how much length you get with a lengthening mascara. The formula can only do so much depending on the base. Yes, someone with normal lash density & length will seem like they get more benefits because they are starting with more to begin with. Mascaras can be good, really good, but unfortunately, they aren’t miracle wands for all cases

  • The technique to mascara is more than not poking yourself in the eye

   The infamous mascara poke is like a right of passage. We’ve all been there and still occasionally get the dot of destruction when we aren’t too careful. Did you know that’s not the key to a great mascara application? It’s a  few things that make a world of difference that I heard from different people. Coat the top and bottom of your top lashes. In the past I tried using a crap mascara and saw no results, so I assumed it didn’t work. I tried again recently with my holy grail and I was ashamed of myself for being that disrespectful to my lashes.(I feel like I say that often about makeup) My lashes already looked good, coating the top and bottom made them stunning. Also using a low mirror to give yourself better access to your lashes, a high mirror for the lower lashes. No more cleanup and you can get closer to the base of the lash. Biggest game changer, waiting for mascara to dry between layers. Think of it like nail polish,when you put on too much, it takes forever to dry and it stays gummy. If you do a thin layer on one hand and switch to the other, when you come back the first hand it’s dry and ready for you to apply the second coat. Lashes are the same. If you put on too much while it’s wet, you have a globby mess. The key is waiting for each coat to dry and building up to your desired level, luckily mascara dries way faster than polish.

   Did you learn something new? If not, still let me know which of these was the biggest game changer in your application. Falsies are fun but I’m a mascara girl and wanted to bring back some love to the naked eyes. I’m still finalizing my list for all time favorite mascaras, so get excited about that if you’re in the market for mascaras. I think I want to continue this mini series about specific makeup and the things no one tells you about them, so stay tuned for more entries in the future. 

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