They Fell From The Sky

   How many times have you met someone out the blue, and it seemed like they were everything you thought you wanted in that current moment? Like they were deliberately placed in your path to shake everything up a bit before disappearing again, or it was so perfect that you blew it off for months just to realize that they were truly meant for you? Y'all, when I say I have met people that fell from the sky... I'm convinced aliens are real and we're their live game of sims (Not really, but maybe).

  It seems like when you're doing your best, here comes Trojan horse to see if you're gonna fall for the same trap you just got out of a year ago. I can't even lie, I know I've taken that bait a few times and I always end up kicking myself for not sticking to my word. And I swear it seems like it's always during times when you want to branch out and try to have a new approach to people in general. What makes it so bad though, is that it can be any type of person. I remember one year, I met someone who was supposed to be a business partner, and they ended up being a whole con artist, figuratively not literally.  

  I've had associates, friends, even distant family members pop up, cause shit and leave. The most common one though, is your ex in a new human form, that could pass for an actor or actress. When it happens to me, I'm well out of my rebound phase, so at the time I'm thinking I hit the jackpot. What I got was a jackpot of dirt. Y'all, these people be the most attractive, sensual, self centered, triggering people you've ever met in your life! I'm not one to play victim, I can admit that some small stuff seemed off, but I gave it the benefit of doubt. That is nothing in comparison to how these "hey, I'm everything you've never wanted in disguise" people bring out the absolute worst in you. Sad part is, when you leave, they go out their way to continue to wreak havoc in your life. It's been a few times I had to question myself to see if I did anything to deserve such brutal karma.

   On the flip side though, I actually have met some people under the same circumstances and they were awesome people, even though most of us chose to part ways.  I have great memories of them and because of them, I got to try different experiences I would have never done on my own. One of my closest friends fell from the sky and to this day we talk about how crazy it was that we became best friends in a day. I can honestly say I have been really happy to have learned and accomplished so much because these select few were placed in my life at low points to guide me through. After I learned what I needed to, we kind of drifted apart, mostly with no hard feelings. It's not always a bad thing when someone just pops into your life from nowhere. Just make sure you learn your lesson every time so you don't have to go through it again. 

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