The Honest Kitchen Dog Food

 Pet food quality has come a long way. I was never too particular about the types of dog food I used until recently. We've had a do most of my life and they all ate pedigreed, if it ain't broke don't fix it. Well, with our current dog, a hound pit mix, we decided to branch out and use higher quality food. I was given some samples of Blue Buffalo for her to try in a pet store while she was a puppy, and there was a noticeable difference in how she approached the food. A little more expensive, but she seemed happier about the food. We didn't stick with the blue buffalo for price reasons, but we did find a soft food that she seemed to enjoy.

   Fast forward 10 years later, I was browsing on amazon and a dehydrated dog food popped up as recommended. (I occasionally order dog supplies and treats) Out of pure curiosity, I clicked to get more information. The Honest Kitchen boasted that their food was human grade with easier storage and serving due to it being dehydrated. It came in a few different flavors and they had a line of hard food, soft food, and treats as well. They even had supplements and cat food. It seemed like a win-win until I noticed the price. For a four pound box (hydrated it made 8 pounds of food) it was $20 on sale! I love my dog but that was steep for 8 pounds of food. Wanting to really upgrade her food and be more conscious because of her age, I bought it.

   The food comes and it's just as described, a resealable bag of ground dog food. First thing I noticed was the smell. It smelled sooooooo good! It smelled so good that I actually wanted to try some for myself. (I didn't, couldn't get past the mental block lol) It smells like Stove Top Stuffing. You can see chunks of breading and vegetables in the mix. There's a guide ratio to mix the food, you literally just add warm water. It takes a few minutes to fully hydrate. At first, Jewel was skeptical. She wanted it because it smelled good, but she didn't like how it looked. I had to use less water than recommended and make little food balls for her to try it. Once she actually tasted it, it was history. 

   I unknowingly created a monster. The idea was to supplement 1 meal a day with the Honest Kitchen food. Well, Jewel decided she didn't want any other food. She stopped eating the other food we had for her. She wouldn't even touch the Purina cheeseburger soft food that she used to love. Not only that, she wouldn't wait for the food to fully hydrate, I would mix it until it was soft formed and let her have at it. I didn't realize that my experiment would turn into a food strike. It ended up being a wonderful thing in the long run. Jewel is old and slightly overweight, she's 11 years old. After 2 weeks of being on the Honest Kitchen food, she had more energy, slimmed up, and I noticed an improvement in her mobility. (She has bad joints) For her, we feed ½ cup of food  to ¾ cup of water twice a day. She is very picky about the water temperature, we always use warm water, but she will hesitate if it's not hot enough. 

   Outside the serving temperature, I have nothing but positive things to say about the Honest Kitchen dehydrated dog food. The price is high and I feel like it's well worth it. I do want to branch out and try more of their products in the future. If you follow the natural and organic pet food route, this is a must try. Even if you just want better quality food for your dog, you should give this a try. We've started buying the 8 pound box (makes 16 pounds of food) and it takes up as much space as a powder detergent box. I would recommend a set of measuring cups specifically for the food for accuracy. I can say that I'm sold on this brand for dog food. We have a cat also, so I'll keep you posted on how that line goes.

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