Spiritual Doesn't Mean Stiff

   Let me start off by saying, if you do not have an open mind, and/or you are not tolerant to alternative beliefs, this ain’t the blog for you. I never challenge beliefs intentionally, I’m just sharing my personal interpretations. Being spiritual versus religious is something that has been gaining a lot of spotlight. While everyone has their own understanding of both, I wanna fill y’all in on my take of spirituality. A lot of it is the same across the board, we are souls having a human experience, we live based on a moral/karmic based compass, and a few other things. The major difference I believe is that you don’t have to “stop living” to prove your worth.

   No matter how far you get on a spiritual journey, you always continue to learn. You’re constantly learning to use discernment and evolve with the world. An answer that would have been a simple yes or no 50 years ago may be extremely complicated today. People are dealing with and experiencing more in a shorter period of time. By the original standard, not looking at forgiveness, there are sooooo many of us that are so far off path before we even reach 20. That’s what got me thinking that there’s no way being only 1 certain type of person is the “correct way to live”. (If you feel you are in alignment, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise) Look at all the conflicts that arise from misinterpretations about acceptance based on the bible. (I’m only using the bible as an example because it’s the only text I’m slightly familiar with) With all the discrepancies I thought of, I came to my conclusion that It’s more so about intentions than anything. 

   I don’t know if I’ve talked about it on the blog before, but some of the best advice comes from the people you least expect it from. Sometimes it’s channeled through them for that instance, but there are people who built up so much wisdom from not letting shitty circumstances crush them. People with a past can give you well rounded guidance because they've been on both sides of the equation. It may shock you, but that truth that comes along with a good cursing speaks to your soul. I don’t know if it’s because cursing makes it seem less scripted or what, but I just don't see cursing as this horrendous setback it’s made out to be. Say something happens and you’re in the wrong. It’s dead quiet now, and you think it’s it over, but your friend asks you “Why are you doing this?”  You could still skate through and avoid answering the question, yea yea whatever. Same scenario but instead your friend  say’s “What the fuck is wrong with you!?!” Then they proceed to tell you about yourself, I can’t speak for y’all, but even if I don’t answer in the second scenario, It’s gonna make me think more. Some one can say something seemingly kind with the most hate behind it, just how someone can use cursing as a form of endearment. It’s all up to personal taste, but I still feel it’s intentions for the win with this one.

   Another thing I feel people are mistaken about with becoming more spiritual is that “you” disappear. Yes, I may have made an active choice to do more good in the world, but who I was before I made that decision doesn’t just go away. I liked to go out before, I still enjoy going out after. The only difference would be in the reason for going out. On the spiritual side, it’s for the sole purpose of having a good time, same with drinking. You can still enjoy nice things, and taking care of yourself too. Everything revolves around balance. If you worked hard to buy a car that you really like, don’t let anyone convince you that you’re doing something wrong. They didn’t see what went into you getting where you are. They don’t know about the things you do to help others. When you decide to do better in the world for the collective, you are integrating positive intentions into the life you were already living. In cases where there is no saving or benefit, sure those habits may fall off, but you will always be an evolved version of you. There are so many people who won’t go to a place of worship because they feel rejected or unworthy. Doesn’t it seem like the perfect plan to speckle the right people for guidance in the places when a lot of people go to escape reality?

   We’ll always be a work in progress, that’s just human nature. I’ll tell you first that it’s a rollercoaster. The good days are really good and the bad days can strike you down without a moment's notice. Some day, I’m just not with it at all and I have no patience. It’s all part of the process though. Becoming more spiritual doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice everything you know, I feel like that’s a setback for a lot of people. Progression is everything, even when it feels like you’re moving backwards. As long as you keep focusing on how well you’ve done and how much you’ve learned, it will not be in vain. Your life doesn’t end, you don’t have a report card or checklist, it’s all about you learning how you can be of benefit to yourself and others. You’d be surprised how many people admire you in silence. If it feels right, go for it. Aligning your intentions is what I feel is most important at the end of the day. The presentation can come later, just make sure the message is getting across.

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