So Apparently I'm Psychic?

   No it’s not clickbait, I really jumped head first into the esoteric, as far as understanding. I’ve gotten pretty comfortable in my understanding but I’m still learning and evolving everyday. Those of you who been rockin’ with me know I’m nowhere near traditional in my views. Sometimes you can gauge the ballpark of my answers, but there are times when I say something completely unexpected. I’ve always been open to abstract explanations and the unknown. Things that people tend to fear draw me in. The ocean, space, aliens, supernatural, cryptids, anything that is just vague enough to not have a definite answer, I’m there! Even things that I dare not attempt, like ouija boards and summoning rituals, I love to know about them, even though I would never test their validity. I spent most of my life thinking people didn’t care as much as I did to notice things, when in reality, I was seeing things that most people couldn’t. I was feeling things that would go unnoticed to the untrained eye. 

   Everyone has intuition. That is our natural connection to the 5d. Since we all originated as souls, we all have that tie to our higher source. Most people would say they have a bad feeling, or something said don’t or pick something else. That’s not what I’m talking about. I’ve actually seen scenarios play out in my head, sometimes hear in detail what was to come. It got to a point where I can say I’m usually right to a fault. In any circumstance, good or bad, whatever I picked up on was keen. In the beginning, it caused me to be alienated. Not because people thought I was a witch, but because I would pick up on things that made me look like a Debby Downer. I couldn’t stand to be in the proximity of certain people. Most saw it as me being stuck up, but I really wasn’t judging, there was something that really tormented me on a soul level to be around them. Have you ever been jittery from too much caffeine? You know, when you’re just bothered, fidgety and can’t concentrate? That’s how it was for me. Something that wasn’t visible was causing a major disruption in me. Even when it comes to conversation, some people I could look at no problem, others, I couldn’t look at their face, let alone in their eyes.

  Once I started getting into crystals and meditation, more stuff crossed my path from psychics and about psychic abilities. Further in my knowledge quest, I resonated with being an empath. I started trying to find ways to better shield myself from being so sensitive when I came across an article describing severe empathy as an intuitive ability. I don’t recall what article it was because I just searched on google, but that was the first place I ever heard of the main clairs and the term intuitive. I  learned that “psychic” is more so a generic movie term. Very few people have the ability to match the Hollywood glorified version of a psychic. There are people who refer to themselves as psychic, but a lot use the term intuitive instead. Intuitive abilities can be more like Scrabble letters than painted pictures, depending on the person's abilities.  The most know intuitive abilities are clairaudience - actually hearing spirit, clairvoyance - seeing spiritually and/or mental images, clairempathy - being able to sense emotions of others on a spiritual/soul level, clairsentience - actually feeling the emotions of others on a physical level, and claircognizance - having a clear understanding or knowledge about things that you typically shouldn’t. There are quite a few more worth mentioning that you can check out on Natalie Marquis’s website, but I won’t go into details here. A quick google search brings up more interesting abilities as well.

   Thinking back, I noticed I've been denying a few of these more than I ever thought I would admit. The first are clairempathy and clairsentience. I’ve always been able to know when something was off with someone. I am the person who randomly asks if you’re okay or tells you everything will workout without a single word being spoken prior. I can just tell that there’s tension in the air. I notice the slight shifts in people’s personalities, even when I opt to not pry. Even the clairsentience is something I experienced really early on with no explanation. Growing up, my younger sister didn’t speak until much later than most kids. I remember complaining to my mom about these pains, toothaches and earaches, in tears. Almost every time, we went to the doctor’s just to find out I was fine and my sister actually had the true ailment I was experiencing the pain for. Even now, I experience random aches and pains only to find out days or weeks later to find out one of my friends or family members have had some kind of issue with the areas I had pain. Even when there are things going on in the world, times of mourning and loss, I experience crippling stomach pains, nausea and extreme grief. It’s to a point that when I start to feel that way I pray for the world. 

   Another one that stood out is the clairvoyance, obviously. I wish I was lying when I said there have been so many times when I removed myself from something only to find out things went almost exactly how I envisioned them. As I stated previously, I’m usually right to a fault. I enjoy when I see something and I’m wrong. For me, it seems it’s stronger and more detailed when it’s for protection. There are times when I start to work on something or someone will tell me about an idea and I’ll see some sort of momentum behind the idea. It’ll either have the foundation work done or I’ll see like a snippet of it in progress. That brings me joy and I’m usually overexcited to encourage whatever it is. Unfortunately, no matter what I see on the good side of the spectrum, free will has the ultimate say. If we aren’t in a position to believe in ourselves, nothing can blossom, no matter how hard we try. It is pretty neat when people come to me for advice and I get a glimpse of the final product, it makes it more sincere when I offer encouragement.

  Another thing that I just learned to understand is my claircognizance. People have always had a tendency to talk my head off, and it used to drive me up the wall. Even back then, I used to just listen and chuck it up as my good deed for the day. Now I know that people would come and talk to me because they knew, subconsciously, that I could be a firm outlet for them. They just knew they wouldn’t be judged and could even receive some sort of guidance or invigoration from an unlikely source. I don’t know how many times people have met me, asked how I’m doing, then dropped some heavy, sensitive information on me. Sometimes they just want someone to listen and give reassurance, other times they come to me seeking advice. I know now where the information I relayed came from now, but back then, there were a few times it actually scared me. I was able help people make life changing decisions when I was like 19, 20, and didn’t even have my own life figured out. In my own relationships, I’ve been able to tell when people weren't being truthful long before I had a reason to doubt them. Again, hoping that I would be wrong, I stayed in a few situations until I had concrete proof. 

   Now clairaudience is the one I feel more people experience, but they don’t recognize it as such. There have been so many times I heard, literally heard, and was looking crazy cuz I was trying to figure out how nobody else heard it around me. I’ve heard yells, screams, crashes, gunshots, all kinds of things and no one else around me flinched. Do you know how crazy you look when you ask someone if they heard something that was clear as day, but to everyone else it’s silent? I’ve heard full sentences saying to do something different after the group has decided. When it feels like your own thought it’s one thing, I wish it felt like that more often. For me, it feels like someone standing over my shoulder and speaking into my ear. Sometimes it’s like a microphone in my head. It used to start by my ears ringing, now it just comes through. At any given moment, I’ll get a thought like “wouldn’t it be crazy if…” then later on it happens. Or I’ll hear, don’t do that, do this instead, only to find out that I would have been pissed if I went with the first option. Even in my day to day life, I’ll hear “you’re being stubborn” , “do it now” , “you’re wasting time”, “you said you weren’t going to do this”. It’s like being haunted by every promise you ever made to yourself. Not saying it’s a bad thing, but you catch no breaks when you fuck off.

   Now that you have a possible new perspective of what it means to be psychic, do you notice you possess any abilities? It’s easier to say yes in hindsight since we all have an intuition, but have you had any experiences that made you question your sanity? If so, don’t be afraid, it gets better. Even if you haven’t, you still have a better understanding of something that was for a long time considered taboo. If you are interested in intuitive abilities, please just remember, we all have free will. Nothing that is foretold is concrete. Let me know down below about what you found most interesting or what you resonated with most. Also if you’ve ever had an intuitive reading, what was the outcome? Stay tuned for updates on my journey and more esoteric things I'm dabbling in.

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