She Tried To Pass Me Because SHE Ran Off The Road

   If you haven't figured out by now, the darnedest of things tend to happen to me. So, here's what happened... I was out in rush hour traffic, probably about 6PM ish. I can't think of any city that people commute in that doesn't experience traffic the same time everyday, hence the name. It's cars everywhere, everyone is driving about 20 MPH because of traffic, and the particular road I'm on is driving directly towards the sun. So everybody is aggravated because traffic is crawling, and it's 100° because we're driving into the sun. So I notice this lady behind me is driving like she wants to try weaving through traffic, but it's not enough room and there are only 2 lanes. When it's 2 lanes with people driving the same speed you're just stuck.

  Anywho, I call myself being safe and turn on my voice recorder because seeing this lady behind me being so impatient gave me an idea for a blog. I use my voice recorder frequently when I drive so i'm not trying to text and drive and be all over the road. Traffic starts to pick up speed and space out. Now we're doing about 55 MPH but we're coming to a fork at the end of the highway so everybody stays put. Next thing I know I hear this random noise and see a cloud of dust in my rear view mirror. I wish I could insert the audio from my voice recorder.

     It sounded like someone munching on a bag of chips but it was muffled. It looked like a full dump truck went over a speed bump. Me and the people in the car next to me are confused AF. Then I see the lady who was so determined to weave through traffic emerged from the cloud mad AF. I could see clear into her car in my mirror because we were facing the sun. The people in the car next me died when they realized what happened because of how aggressive she had been driving. She was so mad that she ran off the road on her phone, that she threw the phone in the backseat, decided she wanted it and picked it up, then tried to speed past ME like I did something wrong. Now we still in the same traffic we've been in the whole time. The same 2, not 1 but 2 trucks are still in front of me and there's no room for her, not to mention she's in a SUV too. Now Everybody's braking because we're at the end of the highway and she's directly beside me. Thankfully, she just slowed down and got behind me so she could turn. 

  Luckily for the lady the part of the highway where she ran off, was actually leveled out and compacted so they could pave it for a new building. If she would have run off the road any sooner or later, she would have been stuck in a ditch. So my message to anyone who gets impatient in traffic or drives like an asshole, be careful of the karma you rack up because it will come back when you least expect it.

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