Retail Therapy, The Morning After

  Sometimes window shopping just won’t do. If I got the cash, I’m bout to buy myself something. Comfort food is a big thing, so is retail therapy. I’m very frugal with spending, (a typical cheap capricorn) but sometimes, depending on how I’m feeling and what the occasion is, I can be a bit impulsive. Retail Therapy The Morning After looks at if retail therapy is still fun after you get said items in hand and the hype has worn off. In person and online retail therapy have different emotional timelines, just like celebratory and sympathy retail therapy wear off differently. I made note of how I was wheeling when I went on a few shopping binges and documented if I still felt good about it a week later, or felt like I wasted money. I’m pretty sure I have a good variety of reasons, moods and items (sometimes you get on a certain kick) to get a good understanding of when retail therapy is the key to happiness and when to avoid it.

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