Race Plays A Role

    I’ve been hesitant to post this intro because I felt it was bad timing. This was supposed to be one of the first to go up in the series intros, but I didn’t want it to seem like I was adding fuel to a fire. I’ve been postponing this for almost 2 weeks but I’m confident now that if you want to understand, you will, and if you want to be against it, you will. Race Plays A Role circles around how appearance can drastically change the way you are perceived and the experiences you have. It will include my own experiences, things I've witnessed first hand, and common occurrences I’ve heard about. Even though the title specifically says race, it will also include instances of adverse treatment because of religion, sexual orientation, and names. Yes, a name can cause prejudice also. This series also looks into treatment inside a race based on how you chose to live. I really hope they are able to shed light on a few aspects and perspectives that may have been overlooked. You can’t fix a problem that you can’t see, my intention is to open some more eyes to what so many deal with on the regular basis.

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