Casual dating and mingling just ain't the same. I'm not pointing no fingers, just sayin' it's waaaaay more complicated now than it needs to be. I don’t think the way we come together has changed, I think is more of the entitlement from the social media age. Once upon a time, the only thing you had was what you could physically produce, and who was in your immediate surroundings. Now, you can create any type of image and connect with people from all over the world. If you want a sugar daddy or sugar momma now, it’s just an app away. Nobody knows what you want but you, do you boo, but it's some stuff that goes down nowadays that would have a pimp lookin' sideways. Played is the dark counterpart to Let The Sparks Fly. Played looks into all the tacky and ill fated aspects of relationships and casual dating that seem to find new ways to surprise us on the regular. Some of the topics are pretty typical, while others would need a room full of geniuses to try and understand. It covers pick up lines, red flags, dating games, turn offs, and controversial topics as far as gender roles and expectations. We all get played at some point, let have a good laugh about it and toast to it not happening again in the future.

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