Old Games Will Make You Or Break You

   Nostalgia is a very tricky emotion to validate. Do you keep the fond memories you have or go back and possibly see just how mistaken you we're about your hype. There are some games that age amazingly while others will make you question your whole life. I like to take nostalgic trips every now and then to boost my own ego, but sometimes it backfires. Yo, some of the games I swore were so easy be whoopin' my ass! The Crash Bandicoot remake made that perfectly clear. I lost my original Crash Bandicoot a looooong time ago, I had 2 and 3 though. I even downloaded all 3 as Playstation classics when I had my Psp and Ps3. I guess I never played the first one over because the 3rd was my favorite.

   Man, the first Crash Bandicoot is hard! I almost broke a controller playing the remake with autosaves and I literally threw my PSP before I realized what I was doing. I couldn't believe that I beat the remake so I assumed they made the game harder. NO! LIES! THE ORIGINAL IS ACTUALLY HARDER! I'm so ashamed that a 20 year old game got the best of me. I remembered certain levels in the Ps2 GTA games being difficult when I originally played them, but I just sucked at the games back then. That first Crash Bandicoot though…. Just delete the whole first game. 

   On another note, I still have a Super Nintendo. I love going back to play Mario and Donky Kong. One game I never beat as a kid, Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. I always got to the second level with Megazord with the boss who got 2 life bars. One day I decided I was gonna reach the end of the game. It took me an hour to beat that 1 level, but that was the last level. I was on a pedestal that day. I ain't care that everyone else beat back in the 90s, I finally beat it and that was all that mattered. 

   Replaying old games really strokes your ego and kills your pride. I still ain't got past that 3rd bridge level on Crash Bandicoot. But, I know I've gotten way better at almost everything else since replaying Far Cry 3 and Saints Row 4. Just be careful about the ones that strike a nerve. Fortunately there were no casualties this time. 

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