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Yes you read that right, we talkin’ bout the box today. It’s kinda crazy that even though literally half of the population has a vag, it’s still so taboo to talk about self care and maintenance. Well I’m all for breaking the ice today because I wanna talk about some of the products I didn’t know I needed in my routine until I tried them. I’ll make sure to include websites to purchase and do your own research in case you want to pick them up too.

  • Yoni Wash & Gina Juice by Herbun(Urban) Energy. 

This stuff is like magic! When I tell y'all Rhishona (the owner) is truly what she claims to be, the yoni whisperer, y’all… she didn’t come to play games. All her products are organic and handmade. She’s a knowledgeable herbalist that has done the work and research to make sure her products deliver! The wash is formulated to help keep pH balance, fight unwelcome bacteria, and keep miss lady right. The Gina Juice is an oil that takes the sensual road and can be used as a lubricant as well. I love the Gina Juice off the results I’ve seen as a moisturizer alone. I haven’t seen any razor bumps or discoloration since I’ve started using in conjunction with the Yoni wash in the shower. I’ve even seen my skin tone balance out down there when I’m post shave. Herbun Energy has a collection of feminine products for many common dilemmas. She also has Yoni Wash variations for those who are pregnant. I can’t speak for some of the other products since I don’t suffer from PCOS and I’m not on a fertility journey, but her community speaks for itself. You can check out all the great reviews on their facebook page Herburn Energy and check out the products on their website

  • Gillette ProGlide Fusion Men’s Razor

I’ve heard in the past that men’s razors are better than women’s. I mean, it makes perfect sense when you think about it. I know I only shave once, maybe twice a week at most depending on the need. Some men shave everyday. I was hesitant because $17 for 1 razor is steep, but as soon as I picked it up in the store, I could feel a difference. It was sturdy and it looked like something that would last more than a month. (The handle not the blade) When I finally got a chance to use it at home… I realized everything I thought I knew about shaving was a lie. Women's razors are like kid makeup compared to this one.  I will warn you, it is sharper, so be mindful of the pressure you use. Once you get that down, you’ll never use another women's razor again. It feels good in your hand, the blades last longer, and you only have to make 1 pass to get touch up areas shaved. The replacement blades are a bit high too, but I feel like it’s well worth it. I picked mines up at Dollar General, but I’m sure you can find them in Walmart, Target, and anywhere else a selection of razors are sold.

  • Coochy Shaving Cream

This is the icing on the cake, literally and figuratively. The Frosted Cake Coochy Shaving Cream is something everyone should try at least once. It doesn’t leave a weird afterscent once you rinse it off, like you’ll for real be smellin’ like a piece of cake. I’m getting caught up in the scent, but the complex itself is bomb. I stopped using shaving cream years ago because I didn’t see a major difference from soap lather. I picked up a few samples of these from a sex shop and I haven’t been without since. It comes in a few different scents if sweets aren’t your thing, but all the formulas are perfect in my eyes. There was no irritation, my skin wasn’t dry after I used it, and my shaves are closer with no razor bumps. You get all the details on their website, but they don’t ship directly from their website. It is available on Amazon and in Walmart, plus I would assume it’s in most sex shops. 

Now that You have all the secret ingredients, go forth and reclaim your throne. Get back in tune with your body and splurge on your self care. Spread the word, tell ya homegirl, the women in the family, whoever. We need more box talks so be on the lookout for more posts. This is just the beginning of much needed info about how to live with a vag.

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