Morphe Paletts Are Kinda Fye - 35M & 35V

   As I write this, I’m eating the words that I put out a few years ago. I didn’t use to be the person to splurge on too much of anything because I’ve always been a cheap person. Not Julius cheap, but I had the mindset that if I could find a similar makeup item for cheaper, I was gonna make it work. It was something I had never given a second thought to until I bought the 35M and 35V palettes. I knew about Morphe, it was reviewed often by beauty bloggers I watched on Youtube, but why would I spend that much on something I would barely use when I could go to E.L.F and grab a cart full for the same price. Oh, how the tables turned when I decided to get serious about the makeup products I use.

   I’ve had these for a few months now and I can pretty much say that all my eyeshadow needs will be met by Morphe from now on. That’s not to say I won’t branch out and try other palettes that catch my eye, but if I'm lookin’ for something, I’m going to Morphe first (or BH Cosmetics). I’ve already talked briefly about how not all makeup products are of equal quality in my blog Things Nobody Tells You About Makeup. When I tell you these eyeshadows are superb! Maaaan I wanted to slap myself for not tying the brand sooner. I have nothing against budget makeup brands, I still love getting great products at a steal, but these Morphe eyeshadow palettes... I’ve been converted.

   When I first started getting into color palettes, the 35V was my poison. I remember it popping up in my recommended products tabs on Ulta. Prior, the only people who could break my cheap streak on makeup was BH Cosmetics. They have great palettes and products that are almost always on sale. So going from my $25 on sale for $12 - $15 palettes to a full blow $25 palette was like “hol up, I can get  2 or 3 for that same price.” Not to mention, when I looked at the 35V they recommended the 35M, so now I can’t make up my mind. I ended up going to Ulta that day to see them in person for comparison. $50 later, I’m home with both of them regretting nothing.


   Let me start with the obvious, the colors in these palettes are to die for. If you look at the online, you’re missing out severely, go see them in store. The 35M is a mix of mattes and metallics, while the 35V is a mix of shimmers, mattes, and duo chromes. Both palettes also have a good amount of neutral and transition shades, so you get a variety of looks in one palette. They are very pigmented and they build fast, so no burning through to pan after a few uses. They also have statement shades, but not so many that you need 2 other palettes to collab with. They do use dyes in some of the shades and they will stain if you’re prone to it. 


   That has to be the only drawback for me because I’m one of those unlucky few, I see it most with the reds and purples. In their defense though, I use those colors the most and just accept I’ll be looking crazy for a few days lol. They wear well with or without primer, an eye base, or setting spray. I’ve even used my fingers just to see if they still perform well and they do! Some of the shades work better with a wet brush, which is to be expected, but the way they transform will take your breath away! Y’all, I’m so serious when I say Morphe can get my money anytime on an eyeshadow palette. While prepping for this blog I ended up ordering the 35R Ready, Set, Gold palette, on sale for $16 vs $25. Be on the lookout for how that one lives up to it’s sisters.

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