More Than Meets The Eye

   I often get compliments and questions about my tattoos and piercings. Some people are genuinely interested, others just want to subconsciously convince me they were a bad choice. For me personally, my tattoos are reminders of the things I've conquered in my life. Now, my first tattoo was on impulse because I just wanted one. Since I rushed off to get a tattoo just because, It was a hollow experience. I hated getting it done, I was aggravated about the healing process, and I didn't even like the tattoo after a few months once the hype of having it wore off.

    It took me almost a year to even consider getting another tattoo. I was going through some things when I went and got my second tattoo and the experience was completely different. I picked something that had meaning to me, that I wanted to be able to look at everyday and be reminded of. The patience to get the piece sized, transferred, outlined, shaded, and colored, was therapeutics to me in a weird way because it was something that had purpose to me. Then while going through the dedication and care of healing my tattoo, which was about 2 weeks, I realized that I was healing myself from the situation I was going through also. Ever since then I've looked at body modifications in a whole new perspective.  

    Body modifications are dedication, patience, endurance, strength, creativity, art and emotions. They can truly tell a story if you take the time to listen to a person's reasoning. If people would take a step back and consider the abstract value in body modification, or even ask why, maybe there would be more truth and positivity surrounding the topic. I've since gotten many more tattoos as well as piercing, each for their own reason and meaning. I've also taken a fascination with piercings, and am currently working on getting my piercing certification. Hopefully, one day soon, tattoos and piercings can be recognized as the adornments that they are, and respected for the voids they fill, instead of being chastised because of misrepresentation.

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