Learn To Use Your Hand

   There are a lot of ways to create additional income now. The catch is to find a way to ensure you set yourself aside from the competition. Creating Exclusivity drives up the value of anything you produce, assuming that it’s marketed to the correct audience. Learning to create something can be a long lasting source of income that retains value because of its scarcity. Who cares if 5 million other people know how sew, the creations you bring to life won’t be the same as any other. I’m not gonna lie, knock offs come a dime a dozen, but, if you did your marketing right, your customers will value supporting your products over any imitations.

Learn to create something physical. Whatever it is that comes naturally to you, or interests you, can be your million dollar ticket. What is something that you use often, that you modify or tweak? Learn how it’s created, then see if you can incorporate your ideas. There are people out here making bank off basic modification of everyday items. I think one of the best examples I’ve seen of modifying everyday items are the crystal shoes & phone cases. (My personal fav) It is time consuming, but customizations are a hot market. If you draw, don’t limit yourself to just paper or canvas. Use anything that can be drawn on.

   What you create can even be through a wholesaler, producer or manufacturer. Maybe you have the eye for fabrics but you can’t sew. That doesn’t mean you can’t network and find someone who can produce items for you. I know going into a partnership isn’t what some people want to hear, but that type of egoistic mindset will cause you to barely make hundreds when you could have had millions. There’s only so much that one person is capable of. Stop limiting yourself because you want to have credit for everything or because of control issues. Having a complimentary team can be a powerhouse for collaborations and expansions. 

   Let’s say you have no interests in any type of artistic designing. Look at the world around you. There are cycles and patterns in the world that will be here for the rest of our lives. Holidays, seasons(such as graduations), weather patterns, Lifestyle habits, etc, all of them create a need for something. All you have to do is find a common denominator. I live in FL and the rain is real in the summer. Water and heat equals mosquitoes and sweat. Put together a summer kit that's grab & go. You won’t have to make anything per say, but you’re creating a major convenience option for people. The Sweet Heat Summer Kit includes a microfiber towel, citronella body mist or lotion that repels mosquitoes, plus a water bottle in a drawstring backpack. Don’t say I don’t give y’all free game. 

   Never think you don’t possess the ability to create something tangible for profit. The simplest ideas are the ones people tend to overlook. You could make a couple bucks on the side or create your own empire, wherever you see an opportunity go for it! You are in control of how hands on and personalized your process is, and if it’s supplemental or a full-time career. Be the person that isn’t afraid to charge for the time and effort you put into your creations. You’ll find your tribe if you dedicate the effort.

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