Kickin' It Old Skool

   The dating scene in this era of technology is crazy. All everyone talks about is how dating ruined because of social media. I don't necessarily think that's the case, but that's a blog for another day. Just because it's 2020 doesn't mean you can't act like it's 1985. All you really have to do is scale back your brain to a simpler time. Here are a few ways to date like back in the day.

  • No Texts Allowed

   That's right, no texting, phone calls only. Believe it or not, there used to be a time when you had to try and catch people while they were home. If they missed your call, they went on about their day unknowingly until they came home and saw the missed call. We not kickin' it that old skool, but drop the text. Try it for a day or 2. It's a great way to test out communication compatibility and it's more fluid since you're actually talking in real time.

  • What I Wanted Vs What I Got

   Don't know what to talk about? How about breaking the ice some more and talking about what you expected from each other at first glance. Talk about the pleasant surprises you've had getting to know each other and things you weren't expecting. In casual texting, you don't get to experience someone's personality and expressions. This topic is a great way to see how people handle criticism.

  • Flirt Like You're 5

   You can flirt and be non sexual. Kisses on the cheek, holding hands, charing snacks, hugs, compliments, try to keep it innocent. Some people don't understand that you can be affectionate without being sexual, the same way some people are not overly affectionate. This can be an easy way to express wants and needs for affection. Come on, who wouldn't like a random snack (or adult snack) and a kiss on the cheek.

  • Turn Up The Music

   The media you used to use will change based on your preferences, but we used to make mixtapes for our crushes. (Literal cassette tapes and Cds) Pick out some songs for a playlist together or for each other. It's an easy way to express a shared hobby, and you'll have something that reminds you of that person.

  • Let Me Learn You Something

   Yes, I did that on purpose, please don't cancel me. Seriously, learn about each other's hobbies and actually try one or two. If someone like video games, try to play one. If it's a show you like, watch an episode together, maybe it's a food, or book, whatever. Just give it a try, you might find a new hobby, I usually do.

  • Go To A Random Restaurant Or Store

   People give their purest reactions when they're unfamiliar with something. Go to a random play neither of you have been to. Since you both have no idea what to expect, you're naturally going to see the unfiltered version of that person. I've tried this with restaurants and it's hilarious when you're both thinking the same thing and someone finally says it. Even in stores, the clown in people comes out to play. Laughter makes all dates better.

   Dating isn't ruined, you just have to break out of the box we've gotten used to. Most things to do from back in the day are still here, we're just all on autopilot and overlook them. Phones and technology are here to stay, the key is remembering that you own a phone, the phone doesn't own you. It's ok to leave your phone on silent for a few hours or restrict your calls to only family some you can be present when you do things. Let me know if you have any other throwback ways  you like to date and if you try any of the ways I listed. Just remember that goal is to have more fun.

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