It's Okay To Worry

Life right? Unless you're born into a well established family, it seems like there's always one thing after another. It's the norm. We get accustomed to struggling persay. However, when those unexpected situations back us into a corner and we reach our breaking point, all the progress we worked so hard for comes tumbling down. Or so it seems. Don't let the worst case scenario get the best of you, even if it's imminent. Remember, you can only change what's in your control. How you feel, how you decide to react and things that you can do right now. It's normal to panic and worry about the adverse happening. If there's nothing you can do, you have to accept what is right now. Stop. Just stop. Breath. Sort yourself out. No matter how grim the situation may look, you have to figure out what you can do. You can keep yourself from spiraling out of control. You can forgive yourself for not being able to overcome the obstacle immediately. You can know that you still have the ability to try again. You can believe that things can get better. I'm not saying to take the punches and act like they don't hurt. I'm saying don't let your mind kick you while you're already down. You have to be your own strongest ally, not your greatest enemy. Nurture yourself when things take a nosedive. Don't crucify yourself. Allow yourself to grieve and heal. That way you can be ready when a breeze comes to lift you up, you'll be ready to soar.

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