It's Not Your Zodiac, It's You

    I already know you're here to call me a hypocrite. Yes, I do believe astrology plays a role in our personality traits. No, I don't believe any personality label, no matter how true in the past, prevents you from deciding to be better. You learn, you grow, you evolve. With new information comes new perspectives and you adjust your actions accordingly. The fact that you show restraint around certain people is proof that YOU decide how you interact with people. I'm a proud Capricorn.  The coldest, rudest, most cut throat, step on anyone to get to the top sign that shouldn't even care enough to be writing these blogs, but that’s not who I am. To understand where I'm coming from, I want to make sure you know about a few other key things. Your zodiac sign is only your sun sign. There are a few others that influence the traits you exhibit.

   You actually need to see your birth chart to know how you're supposed to act. (According to your sign) The most noted are your sun sign, moon sign and rising. The other placements play specific roles too, but I won't be going into it. You can get more information through the birth chart link. Your sun sign is the most dominant, you could say your game face, who you are to the world. Your moon sign reflects how you handle your emotions and your true self, what you may suppress because it doesn’t suit your game face. Your rising reflects how you act around others and your innate nature. Now you have all that fun stuff to look up. I know I'm a true Earth elemental. Capricorn sun and rising, and a Virgo moon. Plus 7 of the 13 placements in my chart are Earth signs, 6 Capricorn and 1 Virgo.I should be everything I stated in the beginning plus more, but I'm not. Why? Because I realized that I could be unpleasant to be around so I started working on it.

   I'm not gonna lie, back in the day I was very cold and focused on my career and stability. I was very blunt and inconsiderate at times. We all start there, programmed, naive to our flaws. As I got older and experienced more, I started recognizing where I could make improvements and looked for ways to do so. Your sign is not a right of passage to be a shitty person. ALL signs have positive and negative traits. Instead of embracing and strengthening the positive, a lot of people hide behind the negative. Use those traits as a guide for what to be mindful of, not to limit yourself. 

    Nurturing and caring are amazing traits. When you’re nurturing and caring to a fault, you can naively help someone whose sole intention is to cause as much harm as possible, If they lie with good enough acting. People have refused to turn people in, and unknowingly become accomplices from being to caring.  We’ve all had to deal with someone who’s stubborn, it  can be a headache and a half.  Now if I’m negotiating or trying to do something, I NEED someone who’s stubborn on my team. That stubborness is what makes the greatest support system in friends and business when you start to doubt yourself.

   Stop saying I'm just like that and admit you don't want to change. Everytime you're put in an opportunity to argue, you have a choice if you want to participate or not. You can't argue with someone who's not responding. Yes, they can be wrong. Yes, you want to speak your truth. No, you don't have to participate in any distorted form of communication. If they not understanding you while you talkin', they not gone listen while you yellin'. Read that again. This is just 1 of MANY scenarios that each sign finds themselves in repeatedly. When you notice that you keep experiencing a situation that you don't like, you have to learn and recognize what you're doing that gets you there.

    On the same note, if you know someone has an honest tendency to be more blunt, (I can come off as nonchalant to strangers, when I'm actually being sincere) take their responses into consideration for their character. There's a difference in intentionally attacking someone and it being misinterpreted. Where one person may cry with you, I'll try to shift your focus to moving on. It's not that I don't care, I do, but I can only give advice from my perspective on life. You can't change the past, so why dwell on it when you can spend that time trying to improve your future. If I gave advice I didn't believe in that feels better, I'd be lying. That perspective varies from person to person, you need to decide what type of answer you want before you ask.

   Now with all this fun new information, is your personality true to your chart? Are you more of an enemy sign, a mix or true elemental like me? Astrology is dope, but at the end of the day it's up to you as a person to decide how you choose to act. Yes,  we'll always have thoughts and tendencies, but we also have the ability to be better. Embrace the light and the dark, find balance and learn how to utilize both for the best possible outcomes.

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