It's Not About How Broken You Were...

Life can be tough. No matter well prepared you feel you are, there are gonna be times that destroy you completely and thats okay. Don't fight it. Don't be disappointed in yourself. Allow yourself to admit that you didn't know what to do. Take time to let it out and heal. In emptying yourself of all the emotions associated with those moments, you allow yourself to create space to refill yourself with passion, drive, hope and determination. As you heal and let go, you're actively reconnecting with who you are and what gave you hope in the first place. It will be okay. You'll be okay. You can make it. Don't be afraid to start over with yourself. Refine yourself. Redefine yourself with no shame. Be who you've always known you were capable of being. You can do it. Break through this shell and blossom into who you were meant to be 💖

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