Is Corona Cockblockin'?

   Who knows if or when things will ever get back to pre 2020. My single people, how has the coronablock been for y’all? I know I haven’t had a chance to, or the motivation, to meet anyone since all this jumped off. I even went to a whole nother state, 4 flights, and came back empty handed. This period of Corona has taken cockblocking to a whole new level. Is anyone even focused on dating or meeting new people considering the circumstance? Let’s talk about it.

   Masks have become the new norm that nobody saw coming for New Years. In a lot of cities, if you are outside your house, you have on a mask. So how in the world are you supposed to accurately gauge if you think someone is attractive to you. Unless you catch them eating in a place where restaurants are actually open, you’re kinda SOL. Even if you try to link up online, yes online has come a long way, but no, people are still not going for the inboxes to and from strangers. I would like to believe that designated dating sites have more success, but the main social sites, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, get a lot of people (men and women) screenshotted, “exposed”, and left on read. The tried and true, in my opinion, is face to face.

   It’s easy to ignore someone on a phone, not so much in person. That’s not to say you have to entertain every person that approaches you. It does create a situation where you get someone's attention long enough to sink or swim. However, Miss Corona has had almost everything social shut down. Not only is there limited contact,people’s opinions about being social right now are variable. If you decide to see past the mask, people may be offended that you want to talk because you have to get too close to them. (Never thought I’d say that) As of now, it can literally be a crime to approach someone you don’t know. 

   Only you can decide if meeting someone during these times is worth the risk. The opportunities and chance encounters are slim to none, so do you go for it or hope you see them again once things are more normal? Corona definitely has cockblock of the century. Not only is she literally cockblocking, jobs, travel, education, celebrations and traditions are all on pause until further notice. Whenever you’re reading this, let me know if you met your partner in the thick of it. I would love to hear about how this had a positive effect on bringing people together.

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