There are more review communities than ever to help you make informed decisions when shopping. Influenster is one stop shopping, or saving, when it comes to products. Anything you can buy, you can probably find a review for it on Influenster. What sets them apart from the competition is the community aspect they revolve around. You can follow others on influenster who have tried products on your wishlists to see if they live up to the hype before you buy. And, Influenster isn't only review based. In the community feed, you can find lots of discussions about products, and finished looks with the products used. I've even seen a living room set up with items from Wayfair.

   When you sign up, you get a questionnaire to answer so Influenster can map out what is relevant to your lifestyle. Whatever products you love or hate, food, clothing brands, makeup, furniture website, you leave a review. Simple right? It gets even better. Influenster is partnered with mainstream companies who send out products in free Voxboxes just to be reviewed by the Influenster community. The thing I love about the Voxboxes is they only reach out to you in regards to items you've already left reviews for and you're only obligated after you opt in to the campaign. So no need to worry about being randomly sent dog treats when you're allergic to dogs.


Influenster Voxbox


   Even without being selected for Voxboxes, Influenster doesn't feel forced. They have a variety of contests and campaigns that switch out frequently and anyone can participate, unless it's an age restricted product. The campaigns even offer cash back from time to time for trying specific products. I think my favorite so far was a cash back campaign for a specific brand of wine. After being reimbursed, it only cost me about $3. The contests are simple too. A lot of times you don't have to do anything extra, just make a themed post according to the contest. I know they have had some in the past where you just have to take a pic of your makeup collection to enter or simply log into the app and write any review.


Influenster Voxbox


  The thing I like most about Influenster is that you're encouraged to be honest about the products you try. It's always praised to say you love an item, not so much when it doesn't live up to expectations. On influenster, you aren't penalized for not liking a product and the community as a whole appreciates when people are brutally honest. Especially when the product is something extremely hyped, nobody wants to be that person, but the fact is a product may not work for everyone. It's actually surprising the amount of support you get in likes and comments for simply being honest and explaining why you don't like a product. 

  The best news of all is that Influenster is free! Even if you receive a complimentary Voxbox, you don't have to pay for anything out of pocket. Simply leave your honest reviews in regards to the products wherever Influenster specifies when you opt in to receive your Voxbox. You do have to be at least 13 years old to use the app, but it's a great way to get used to reviewing products in a community setting. If you're interested in joining the Influenster community you can click here or search the google play store or apple store for the Influenster app. You can also go to from your browser on any device.

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