If You Lose It All Today...

   I think we all have some sort of goal that revolves around consistency on some level. Being secure in knowing that your needs will be met, or at least knowing what to expect day to day. If you lost everything today, what would you do tomorrow? It's normal to experience shock, grief, anger and despair, we're all human. But at some point you have to stop giving all your energy to the past. No matter how hard you reflect or wish, you can't change it. However, you can learn from it, and use that knowledge to create a new future. Everything in the past started as a yesterday, just as everything in the future starts as a tomorrow. What have you been longing to do? What felt just outside your reach in your previous circumstances? With this unexpected second chance, what will you create? You have to start over anyway, why not build that very empire that seemed a mere fantasy before the walls came crashing down.

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