If At First You Don't Succeed...

Face it, we all will probably experience more failures than a few in our lifetime. That is perfectly okay. It may be the only thing we ever do perfectly all the time, fail. When you really think about it though, if we all succeed at everything we attempt, on the first try, all the time, wouldn't it become dull? It may sound crazy at first, but the only reason why we get any sense of joy or accomplishment when we do complete things is because we have the fear and frustration of failing to compare it to. If we knew for a fact, without a doubt, that there is no such thing in failing unless we do absolutely nothing, would anything even matter? It would be like seeing a movie for the 1000th time and still trying to be surprised by the plot. There would be no growth, no motivation, no inspiration, just your typical wake, eat, sleep schedule. I know it sucks and hurts like hell when wrenches get thrown into our seamless plans, but those fluctuations and roadblocks are what give us a chance to change our perspective, take scenic routes that we didn't know existed, and most importantly, show us what we cherish personally. Nothing makes us come back as fierce as face planting centerstage and realizing that NOTHING will stop us from overachieving our goals now. It may hurt right now, you may not even know what to do next, but don't give up on yourself. If you don't believe in yourself, there may not be anyone else who will. Take a break, cry it out, do nothing for a day, do whatever you have to. Then, give yourself a pat on the back, tell yourself you did a great job, now you can do even better. They don't say 3rd time's a charm for no reason. And yes, that saying still applies no matter what try you're on. Never beat yourself down because the world is out to do it for you.

*Inspired by the anime Ita Kiss*

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