I Know What I Heard

   Last year I made a post about different unexplainable things that made me say, "I know what I saw". This time I wanna tell y’all about things that I know I heard. It’s been a long time since I recall hearing things, as if someone in the room was talking to me, but I know I was alone. Other times, I’ve been talking to people and mid conversation everything got quiet, almost like someone muting a TV, only to hear clearly a voice that didn’t belong to anyone in the room. When I was younger, it came through as a curious thought. Almost like when you answer one of your own questions with knowledge that came from thin air. As I got older, and now, I clearly hear words and/or full sentences in a voice that doesn’t belong to me or anyone I know. I’ve come to learn that I should heed what I hear because the times I didn’t lead me straight into situations I did not want any part of. Let me go into detail about a few times that were notable to me. Buckle up, here we go.

   The oldest memory is from back when I was 10 or 11. My mom used to take road trips often to see family and friends. Me being the explorer I am, I was always down for a road trip except 1 particular time. My mom was planning to take my little sister out of town for a few weeks. Me and my little sister were used to getting dropped off over the summer with family, so no big right? Wrong. My mom was courteous enough to always ask if I wanted to keep her company on the drive or stay home with my grandma. As soon as she asked me, “Lanesha, you wanna ride with me to drop Ebony off?” I immediately heard after, in a different voice, “if you go, you’re gonna have to stay with your sister.” This may seem normal, but my mom never had to pull the okie doke on me. If she said I had to do something, whether I liked it or not, that was the end of it. So this notion was foreign to me. Because of what I heard, I said I didn't want to go and she was fine with that. Fast forward to when she was getting ready to actually take my sister, she asked me again if I wanted to go. Again, I said no. this time she asked why, and I told her if I went I knew she would make me stay too. She laughed it off and told me that I didn’t even have any clothes packed so how could I stay for 3 weeks? Against what I heard, I agreed to go for the ride because I felt driving back for 3 hours would be lonely for her. We made it to our destination and all seemed well until it was time to go. When I tried to go to the car, my mom was adamant that I go back inside. I already knew what was happening, so I made my last plea by reminding her that I didn’t have any clothes except what had on. Her reply, “I'll pack some clothes and mail them to you as soon as I get home… I know what I heard.

   This time was more recent, in 2017. I was out with some friends and we decided to go to Steak & Shake. It was like 3 in the morning, so it wouldn’t be crowded, plus it was happy hour on shake! Sounded like the perfect plan after being bored in the house. I hop in the car imagining what I’m about to stuff my face with when I get there. Soon as I closed the car door, I heard that voice, “go this way, not that way”. I know by now that that voice means business and I need to heed it. I know there’s no traffic either way, but I’d rather not chance it. So me and a friend head out with nothing but milkshakes on our mind. I don’t recall what we were talking about, but it was enough to make me go into autopilot. I ended up going the way I would usually go, the one I was told not to… When I realized it, I got a little uneasy. More so because I didn’t know why I heard what I did. There were still no other cars on the road but mine. Maybe it was because something would be in the road? Using that as my reason, I made sure to focus on the road. I pull up to a red light that had to be as bored as we were, because, again, there are no other cars on the road but us. While I’m waiting for the light to change, a car pulls up in the lane next to me. Maybe that car is gonna be all over the road, that’s why I heard what I did. Now my reason is the car next to me. No problem, I can just let them drive ahead of me when the light turns green. That would have been the perfect solution if that was the reason. The real reason slammed into the back of my car before the light ever turned green. Luckily me and my friend were able to walk away with  few aches and pains, but I know what I heard.

   I still hear that voice to this day in any given situation. I actually hear it more often now, and not just as a warning. Recently I bought a car that I wouldn’t have even tried to get, all because that voice chimed in to let me know everything would work out. Initially I thought I was crazy. Now I know that I’m blessed to be able to hear the messages I do. I thank God every time I adjust based on what I hear and see what I have narrowly avoided. Maybe it’s a collection of people who care about me that are guiding me too. All I know is when I hear something, even if I don’t come out and say “ I'm doing xyz because something told me to”, best believe I’m gonna stick by it. One thing I will say is that when it happens, it’s never forceful in a way that I feel threatened. It’s never in a way that strips me of my free will or forces me to do something that goes against my morals. It’s always in a “just making a suggestion” kind of way. It’s not always bad, and even when it’s something good, it never feels like someone is saying “told you so” after the fact. I really am thankful to be able to hear from my guardian angels. Life is still life, but It’s great to know that someone is always looking out for me.

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