He Got Mad Because I Paid For My Own Gas...

   Y'all.... so let me tell you about this dude at the gas station. I was out in shorts and a tank top because I live in FL, it's literally 100° and I had a tattoo appointment. Whenever I go get my tattoos I always take a snack bag since I'm usually there for 2-6 hours at a time. So, I stopped by the same gas station I always go to around the corner from the shop. 

 When I got there, it was a few cars, nothin’ too crowded so I parked at a pump, grabbed my wallet and went inside. I didn't notice that a dude parked at the pump across from me had been watching since I got out the car. Whenever I buy extra stuff from the store, I always pay for my gas first so I don't forget what pump I'm parked at. So I walk in, prepay my gas, grab a few snacks then get back in line to pay for the snacks. While I'm waiting, dude from outside comes inside and gets in line after me. 

 As the line starts moving, he starts to make small talk, " I like your tats, what's your name, you talkin' to anyone" etc, the usual. Once I say no, he gets real adamant about paying for my gas, not the stuff in my hands, only the gas. Now to me this is odd because, 1- I never said anything about gas, 2- I may have had $10 worth of snacks and drinks that are cheaper than gas, and 3- why do you wanna pay for my gas so bad?

  Since I knew I already paid for my gas, I kept saying thanks but no thanks. That wasn't good enough for him, he keeps pushing the issue, and at this point I'm next in line so I say "if you insist thank you". Then he asks for my phone number, which I knew was coming by the way he insisted on paying for the gas. Just like with the gas, I say "thank you for the interest, but no thanks". I finish paying for my snack and head to the car. I must admit for how persistent dude was in the store, I was expecting to have to go through the whole "why  not" spiel. 

  I found out why I didn't have to pretty quickly. I put the snacks in the car first, then I get ready to pump my gas. From where I'm parked I can see dude still in the store looking my way. Here's where the story gets hilarious. I swear when dude realized the gas pump was actually pumping my gas, he looked like his plan to takeover the world was crumbling before his eyes! The shock on his face was identical to the thumbnail. See, as I said earlier, I prepaid my gas as soon as I went into the store. He was expecting me to walk to the car with snacks, and the pump not work because he didn't pay for the gas since I didn't give him my number, then talk shit when I had to come back in the store and pay.

  Well, the joke was on him anyway, I forgot to grab an energy drink while I was inside. After I finished pumping my gas, I moved the car up to a store parking spot and went back inside. He was still standing in the front of the store looking dumbfounded. I grab the drink and go back to the counter. I used the change from where I overpaid my gas to pay for the drink and casually strolled out the door with a koolaid grin on my face and walked by buddy without a word. 

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