Grind To Get Ahead, Not Just To Catch Up

   If you wanna be successful, you have to grind. You have to be willing to make sacrifices and changes to ensure you reach your goals. The only thing I have a problem with is how some people define grind. When you have to make something happen and you fall behind, yes, sometimes you gotta grind it out. The cycle that I know I’ve found myself in a few times is gind to catch up, be burnt out, fall behind again, grind to catch up, etc, etc. That’s not a place you want to find yourself in. In dire situations, go for it, but you should be grinding to get ahead, not to catch up out of habit.

  Pushing yourself to the limit shouldn’t be used as a safety net, it’s not sustainable. Having a plan and schedules in place should be your main structure. Pulling those 48 - 36 hour binges should be the ace in ya back pocket. Don’t confuse being busy with grinding. If you are not being productive, it’s not grinding, you’re just keeping busy. You grind to get ahead, not to be busy. If you sacrifice today, it should free up tomorrow. If you grind for 3 days straight, it should free up the rest of your week. You don’t want your sacrifices to be in vain, when you go overboard, make sure it’s setting the tone for something in the future.

   Work smarter, not harder. Focus on making progress everyday so when you put in that extra boost, it puts your work ahead and gives you time to rest should you need a day to recoup. Plan out your grind days so you can optimize your results. If you get in a groove, keep goin’ while it’s flowin’. Make the most of your progress streaks and find a formula that works. When all the hard work is done, you still want to have the energy to enjoy everything you’ve been working for.

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