Gimme A Break

 It's good habit to finish what you start but sometimes, a lot of times, that's way easier said than done. Everything is so braggy now, that the idea of taking a break is almost looked at as an insult. They'll tell you to work harder or that you're just lazy and don't really want what you're aiming for. Trust me, you know yourself better than anyone else. Don't fall for the bullshit, because if you let other people in your head, and push yourself into a burnout, nobody's gonna help you recover but you.

  From here going forward, instead of saying "break", I'm going to use the word "pause" instead. I think a lot of people hear break and associate it with broken. When you take an honest break from something, you aren't breaking the commitment. At most, you're pausing the situation so you can put yourself in a better position to complete the task. On road trips, you have to stop eventually for gas, or to charge up. There's no loophole around it. Life is no different. Our natural pause just from being alive is to sleep. Now thrown in the complexities of the world, your work commitments, relationships, and personal motives. A few hours of sleep aren't always going to give to you the true reset you need to keep going. 

  If you're like me and only sleeping 3-5 hours a day without any additional pauses, you can get burnt out, overwhelmed and crash quick. Pausing life doesn't have to be a whole week, it can be as simple as turning off everything and just clearing your mind for 10 minutes. It's a practice that a lot of teachers encourage during cram sessions to help you get grounded and stay focused. Brief pauses to breathe and regroup work for anything, especially if you have kids. That one deep breath when you see something that makes you instantly mad, grounds you just enough to keep your composure.

  You may have a few things pulling you in 12 different directions, but if you can't give yourself time to recharge,  you won't have left anything to give. When you get to a point that you're busy, but not making any progress, you need to take a pause! Whatever you're doing or whoever you're dealing with can wait so you can collect your thoughts. You can spend 24 hours wandering in circles and get nowhere, or you can take a 5 hour pause, jump back in, and get 3 days ahead. Don't look at a break as giving up, it's reevaluating the situation to make sure you are doing your best to achieve it.


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