Get Some Green In Ya Life

   Decorating is easier said than done. You know what look you’re going for, but finding the exact pieces to add some pop without throwing off the whole room can be aggravating. There is an easier way. Plants get a bad rep because everyone doesn’t have a green thumb, but that doesn’t mean you can fake it. Artificial plants are a cheap, low maintenance way to add to a room. The key is to stage them so they blend in and look more realistic. Not all artificial flowers are created equal, so how well they blend will depend on the type used. Here are a few 10 minute projects to make your house more of a home.

  • Add Some Water

   Yes! Add some water to your fake plants. This is by far the quickest and easiest way to make your plants look more realistic. All you need is a clear vase and long stem artificial flowers. If you fill the vase about ½ to ¾ , then add your flowers and put them somewhere near natural light. You can even go the extra mile and mist the actual flowers so the glisten. 

  • Add Some Dirt

   You’d be surprised at what a little dirt can do. The trick to this one is to fill the vase or pot to about an inch below the rim. The foam blocks to hold flowers in place are perfect to create a platform. Anything that allows the stems through but creates a tray near the rim will work, I’ve even used balled up newspaper before. This even works for artificial plants with attached pebble bases. All you have to do is add some potting soil. This works really well for artificial trees. Since the soil helps imitate that earthy smell, most people assume it's real. If you don’t like the smell of dirt, this may not be the best option for you. 

  • Shine It Up Or Tone It Down

   A lot of fake plants blow their cover because they’re either too shiny or too dull. I have a fix for that. Spray paint for the win. If the plant is too dull, you can use a clear gloss paint to help add some dimension. Just make sure you have enough distance when painting to mist the plants. This hack can go wrong real fast if you over saturate the paint. The same goes for toning down extra plasticy plants. Just use a clear matte spray paint. For more controlled adjustments, you can even use clear lip gloss for dull plants.

  • Get Scented

   Our sense of smell is extremely interesting. Did you know our sense of smell has been proven to alter our perceptions regardless of the actual facts? Use your artificial plants to help freshen rooms. You can use whatever scent suits your preferences. I don’t care for most floral perfumes on my person, but I love to spray down my artificial plants with them. It’s a pleasant surprise for anyone who gets close enough to catch a whiff. Since you typically don’t move artificial flowers often, the scent will linger almost indefinitely. Just be mindful that this works better on fabric flowers than non-porous plastic plants. It will still work, but you may notice evaporation spots on hard plastics.

   Now you’re armed with a pocket full of plant hacks and plenty of ways improvise those plants you know you want. You can even add in artificial versions of more difficult blooms around the house to mix in with your easy grow live collection. These tips also work wonders when you just want to spruce up your place for events. Let me know which of these tips you liked most and how they worked for you. Also be on the lookout for before and after pics so you can see first hand how much difference  little effort makes.

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