Get In The Spirit (Halloween Edition)

Just like many things from this year, it doesn’t seem like Halloween is gonna go according to plan. So promising this year… Finally on a Saturday, clocks go back to give us an extra hour, and the weather hasn’t been freezing yet in FL…. Such a pity… But don’t fret yet, I’ve got a few things that you can enjoy in the comfort of your home, no labor required. I’m a horror lover at heart, so I’ve found a nice little stash of binge worthy suspense, horror and mystery content that I enjoy year round. These Youtube channels are among my favorites for admirable dark content. (Nothing grotesque, just not typical)

  • Bailey Sarian

Bailey’s channel has a series called “Murder, Mystery & Makeup Mondays” that I LOVE! Since I’m into makeup and suspense, it’s a match made in heaven for me. What sets this series apart is the fact that she does extensive research prior to each video. It’s not just an opinion while I do makeup, it’s facts and documented occurrences about whatever situation with makeup in the background. Don’t get me wrong, she’s an amazing makeup artist too, but the cases she chooses to speak about are well researched and thought out. She covers anything true crime, and some paranormal, across the century. She has a level, bubbly personality that balances out the case. I will say this one is viewer discretion because some of the cases include graphic descriptions

  • Bedtime Stories

This channel is a bit creepier in style, but not at all something to take lightly. Bedtime Stories follows cases of unsolved mysteries from around the world and doesn’t shy away from paranormal and alien activity. The narrator’s voice draws you in without doing anything abnormal. They use a basic grayscale drawing style for picture animation. I think that makes it worse. There are no jumpscares during the stories, but you’ll stay on edge the entire time. I’ve watched a few episodes that made me turn the lights on because it’s presentation is too calm. If you like open ended stories and speculation, this channel is for you.

  • Buzzfeed Unsolved - Buzzfeed Unsolved Network

Buzzfeed Unsolved has had some changes due to covid, but it still has the same draw as in prior seasons. This series is a bit easier to digest because the hosts Shane and Ryan are clowns. The stories they cover range from true crime to paranormal and unsolved mysteries. It’s a happy medium between Bedtime Stories and Bailey Sarian’s channels. You get facts, speculation, and plenty of jokes. In some episodes, they actually visit the locations of the episode. Since the hosts are polar opposites as far as believing in ghosts, aliens, and cryptids, every episode has a vast collection of explanations. The newest season just started so be sure to catch up. New episodes air on Fridays until this season ends.

  • Phasmophobia 

*BONUS* If you made it this far, I have a bonus game for you to check out. Phasmophobia is a PC game that puts up to 4 players as paranormal investigators.  The goal is to use the tools available to you to find evidence and determine what type of ghost you’re dealing with. The catch with this game is, the ghost is “real”. You use an in game mic to communicate and use certain tools. The ghost can hear everything that’s said and responds accordingly. Great game for a spooky night in, and for scaredy cats like me to watch (Y’all know I don’t play scary games, ironically). Be sure to check it out on Youtube or Twitch for some great scares and laughs.

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