Games That Scared The Ish Outta Me, Even Though I Wasn't Playing

   If you don’t know, I’m a geek/nerd in almost every sense of the word. Learning, animals, anime, cartoons, hobbies, reading, and the list goes on. Gaming however is one of the most obvious. I appreciate everything about video games, the concepts, the art styles, the mechanics, and the storylines when the game has one. There is 1 thing that everyone who knows me, knows is a big ass nope from me… horror games. Horror movies, cool. Horror games, that’s a hard pass for me. Maybe it’s because I easily get immersed in games and the atmosphere they create. All I know is it doesn’t take much to make me turn off a horror game and never play it again. I do still have a place in my heart for them though. There are some awesome horror games out, I’m just not cut out to play them personally. I just have to love them from afar, like watch someone else play it afar. These are a few games that I think anyone who can, should play at least once. If you’re like me, they’re all on Youtube as let’s play videos. Some of the games I’m gonna talk about are older, but that doesn’t change the way they creeped me out.

  • Outlast

You had to know this would show up, it’s a classic. I think Outlast was one of the first games that solidified me NEVER attempting horror games again. I tried to play a demo that was on Playstation before it came out. Now I was already expecting to tap, but I didn’t think it would happen as fast as it did. Abandoned asylum, obvious inhumane experiments, and you can’t fight back, just run for your life. Oh did I mention that the only thing that’s there to help you is a video camera with night vision? Oh, and your batteries don’t last forever. Not to mention the dead silence then WTF jumpscares that aren’t a threat so you don’t know what you need to run from or not. All that aside, it’s a great game. It took me some time to make it through the videos on Youtube, but I’m glad I gave it a watch. Also be sure to check out the extension DLC Whistleblower.

  • Outlast II

   There’s no need for suspense, this game is the Spawn of Satan just like the previous one. I think this one is a little easier to digest because you have an idea of what to expect, but it’s still batshit crazy. This one is true to the nature of the original Outlast, but it still manages to rip the rug from under your feet. The one constant thing in the first one was the “reality” of being trapped in an asylum. This one just drops you in and wishes you the best. You don’t know who you need to be running from, you don’t know what is going on, and half the time you don’t know where you’re going. Just perfectly vulnerable for any and every little jumpscare they throw your way. Not to mention that fuckin crow in the demo. Definitely play the demo if you can before you jump into this one.

  • Resident Evil 7

   I knew about resident evil games before this one came out. This is not your average classic Resident Evil game. As soon as it starts, you know stuff is off, but there’s no hint to just how off everything really is until it’s happening. You get no breathing room, one minutes it's like okaaaaay, then you blink and it’s oh shit. Some parts do look like they could get a little tedious, but it doesn’t loosen its grip enough to be flat out boring. Every time you think you’re free, a new reality comes to kill you. I really liked the environment on this one because it was relatable. Trapped in the swamp with a weird secluded family. I would never, but it’s pretty possible.

  • Among The Sleep

   This is one that gets its brownie points from creating tension. You play as a toddler…literally in a onesie and a crib. That in itself makes the game more disturbing for me. It also scales the world to how it would be perceived by a small child. I was thinking, “oh, pretty cool, like a Rugrats adventure!” Nope, not at all. It’s more like impending doom all around and I’d be such a horrible person if something happens to this baby. This one is more wrapped in illusion and mysticism, but it has no problems creating an atmosphere that keeps you on edge. The fact that this game plays up to what would scare a child makes a difference too. Nothing is ever expected because as adults, we simply don’t think like that.

   I’m sure you’ve already played the games I named, but I still think they’re always worth mentioning. Maybe I’ll go back and try to play them one day. I do know that there’s another Resident Evil in the works right now, so I’m sure I’ll be making a part 2. If you haven’t seen or played them, what better time than now. Grab a friend and share a few jumpscares.

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