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   Fitness is that thing that we all agree is good to some extent, but it just sucks so bad. The goal doesn't have to be a certain size or weight, just getting out and working your body is invigorating and refreshing, it just sucks so bad! Whatever your reasoning for not being as active as you may want, it is a whole lot easier to get into now than ever before. Now you can do almost anything from the comfort of your home, and for free. These are some of the health and fitness personalities and professionals that offer great routines and recipes on Instagram and Youtube. Of course if you want something more in depth and personalized, you will most likely need to pay for those services. 

*Before starting ANY fitness or specialty diet, you should always check with a licensed medical provided*

  • ANGOSWEDE - Instagram & Youtube

   Angoswede’s Instagram is full of simple, effective, targeted exercise reps for people of all fitness levels. Sometimes she even gets outdoors to show how you can use the environment around you as your natural gym. What I love most about her page is how she integrates everyday household items into the routines. I would say minimal exercise equipment would be useful, but not necessary.


   What you eat is just as important, if not more, than how much you move. The Domestic Geek’s channel is all about healthy eating. There are recipes for grab and go, as well as introductory recipes for those who want to change to a more health conscious diet. This is NOT a vegan or vegetarian channel, however, she does have many recipes that would qualify as such. She also does recipes for meal prep, smoothies, snacks, and sweets!


   If traditional fitness is not your goal, this channel may be a good alternative for you. Yoga is more about controlled movements than exhibiting force, so it’s also good for those who have limited mobility. Her channel is great for stress relief, regaining mobility, and quick workouts. There are some videos that are HIIT, but she has a lot of videos to help with everyday ailments such as isolated pain and repetitive motion, or lack of. Never tried yoga? No problem, her channel is for ALL levels and she has dedicated beginner videos.

   There were so many to choose from, but these were my top three that I gravitate to. I’m nowhere near consistent yet, but I know where to go for the information I need. Hopefully this helps and you were able to find something that can benefit you on your journey.  Be sure to check out my new gallery post to see what I picked specifically for fitness. 

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