Do You Believe In Magic?

   Magic is a very misconstrued subject. To a child, it’s all the good in the world and astounding. To adults it’s usually somewhere between a nonexistent hoax and dances with the devil. One thing we can all agree on is that magic is something that transpires beyond our realm of sight. I also believe,  like with everything in the world, it can be utilized for positive and negative influences. There are a few different concepts I want to talk about today that I would consider magic. Keep an open mind with these explanations as we all have our own interpretations. Some of these do overlap and intertwine.

  • Prayer & Divine Intervention

   When talking about religious practices, magic isn’t the term that comes to mind. When you really think about it though, the concept of a greater force providing or highlighting ways of progressing in the physical world is pretty awesome. It’s unexplainable, you can’t see it, and it creates something from nothing, sounds like magic to me. The fact that you can ask for an answer to something and get a response in your dreams that works. Being able to pray for someone else and they’re able to receive the love and protection you are sending them. I know many people have had experiences where they missed something, got detoured, or were late and it ended up being the best thing that could have happened. Divine intervention in an unlikely way put them on the best path possible.

  • Manifestation

   This tags along with prayers and divine intervention, but it does occur on it’s own. There are people who don’t have religious ties that have been successful at manifesting, check out my blog {Where’s Your Faith}.  Have you ever thought it would be nice to have something, then someone gives you that thing you were thinking about? It’s like it came from thin air, just through another person. How about when all the odds are against you, or something isn’t supposed to be possible, but you come out victorious and reach that result anyway? Manifestations can defy well proven facts and flip unthinkable odds in your favor. The ability to transmute a thought into the 3D world is beyond magical in my book. Everyone who was the first of their kind to do something manifested it. Yes planning can get you far, but how do you plan for something that's never been done before, especially when you don’t even know if it can exist.

  • Intuitiveness

   There are many people who possess gifts and abilities that supersede the 3d realm. There are a variety of unexplainable psychic abilities that people of all backgrounds possess. Knowing about things with no prior knowledge or exposure, being able to foretell events that would later come to pass, being more attuned with what people aren’t saying and are suppressing, even being able to heal people from the inside so it reflects on the outside, doesn’t that sound like a mystic being from a fairytale? These exceptional gifts are magic in its most childlike form. Elemental and nature spirits seemed far fetched until I realized that there are people who embody these very aspects. Zodiacs fall into this category too. Fire signs, earth signs, water signs, air signs, I’m a Capricorn and I know I have very stable, rooted traits. I know people who are fire signs that can be passionate but unpredictable if you aren’t careful about how you treat them, they will burn you. 

  • Energy Exchange

   Are there any people or places that come to mind that just drain you? You can be feeling the best you have in all your life, but 5 minutes in that scenario is enough to weigh you down. In some cases, you don’t even have to interact with anyone, just being in their presence zaps your energy. How about that person who you’ve never met, but you see during your daily routine that just brightens your day. Just seeing them happy brings you joy too. On the intimate side, have you noticed that sex with certain people invigorates you, the sex doesn’t even have to be mindblowing, but you genuinely feel good afterward. However, there are people who have the best physical sex but you feel sluggish and heavy afterwards, not physical exhaustion. I’m talking about a lingering sensation that drags on days later. We all have energy auras and they can be influenced by the auras of those around us. I think this is something we deal with more regularly, and I still consider it magical. There’s a healing aspect to energy exchange as well. A hug, the energy from prayers, the energy from being in places with pure positive intentions, all of these things take invisible weights off your shoulders. It’s really beautiful how a hug from a child can remind you that everything is going to be ok.

   We really do live in a magical world if you allow yourself to see it. Try to reconnect with that pure joy and innocence that all children have. Yes, I know we have answers for a lot more now, but it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the magic that we have left. What are some of the other things that you consider magical that I didn't include in my list? Let me know in the comments so we can bring the joys of magic back to warm the hearts of those caught up in the cold world.

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