Clothes Everywhere, But Nothing To Wear

    When I know I'm going somewhere, I start planning in my head immediately what I'm wearing. I prefer to be overdressed any day, so this is a crucial step if I plan on being on time. Sometimes it works, everything goes smooth as silk, other times it's chaos as I toss the items that don't make the cut to the side. I'll have a shoe I want to wear, but can't build an outfit. Then, I put together a bangin' outfit, guess what? No shoes! Not to mention, does my hair and makeup go with the look I'm going for. So, when someone walks in the room while I'm trying to get ready and asks why I'm not ready, I just stand there looking like Wile E Coyote after falling off a cliff. Eventually I just say F it and grab a plain dress and some shoes and walk out the house frustrated and late.

   So, When I see a well put together head to toe look, I will always give credit where it's due. I know how long it takes me to narrow down my picks to choose between identical, slightly different dresses. That's why I can appreciate an overflowing closet, similar but not identical items, and the chair. Ah yes, the chair that acts as a "return to closet rack". You're not alone, we all do it. I'm convinced it's all part of the process. Don't let the fashion storm stop you from finding that perfect outfit combo. Nobody can tell what your room looks like, all they can see is that bomb pic you just took on full slay.

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